You Can Even Decorate The Ceiling With Many Options

You can actually garnish the Cheap green ceiling (plafond vegetal pas cher) with many items. Hanging plant hooks are a great way of hanging plants in your home or office. A simple and easy way to add texture, colour and life into any room, they can be used to hang pots, planters, baskets, pouches and more. They are also ideal for displaying small items such as trinkets, jewellery, buttons, coins and other objects you want on show but don’t necessarily want to put away. If you’re looking for some new ways to display your little treasures then look no further than these great hanging plant hooks, which come in all sorts of styles and colours. 

Hanging plant hooks work best with hanging plants that have a long stalk, like ivy or ferns. These can then be hung from the hook using the wire attached to the bottom of each plant. Alternatively, you could use a metal hanger to attach the plant to the hook instead. You can also use hanging plant hooks to display smaller items such as beads, buttons and trinkets. Simply pin them onto the wall and you’ll find they’ll look great and provide plenty of space for your collection. 

If you’re considering buying hanging plant hooks there’s lots of choice out there, so take a look at our guide to hanging plant hooks below. We’ve selected ten different designs to give you an idea of what is available on the market. Some of them will be perfect for hanging plants while others will be suitable for hanging small decorations and trinkets. Whichever style you choose, we know you’ll love it! 

We start off with the classic ceramic hanging plant hook. This striking design is ideal for hanging plants because its large size won’t interfere with their stalks. It comes in white or black and is made by Hanging Art. Next up is the decorative ceramic hanging plant hook, which has a beautiful flower pattern. This one is also made by Hanging Art and is slightly larger than the first model. The third option is the ‘Ace’ hanging plant hook. This unique design was created by Ace Design and features two interlocking rings. The result is a strong yet lightweight hook that can be easily adjusted to suit the weight of whatever it’s holding. 

The next three options are all made by Hanging Art. The first model is the ‘Tulip’ hanging plant hook. It has a delicate tulip shape and is made from clear glass. The second model is called the ‘Basket’. It is designed to hold small items and is made from clear glass as well. The third option is the ‘Fairy Tale’ hanging plant hook. Its distinctive blue and pink flowers are made from crystal and it is available only in limited quantities. 

Next up is the ‘Duckling’ hanging plant hook. This elegant design is made from wrought iron and has a silver finish. The fourth option is the ‘Lilypad’ hanging plant hook. This model is also made from wrought iron and has a lovely lacy floral motif on both sides. The fifth model is the ‘Flowerpot’ hanging plant hook. This elegant piece combines traditional and contemporary styling. It is made from cast iron and is finished in antique brass. 

The sixth model is the ‘Candy’ hanging plant hook. This design is made from stainless steel and has a candy cane shape. The seventh option is the ‘Nesting’ hanging plant hook. Made from polished chrome it has four nesting bird shapes and comes in six colours including red, green, gold and silver. The final model is the ‘Mermaid’ hanging plant hook. It is made from polished aluminium and has a stunning mermaid figure on top. 

There are many more hanging plant hooks to choose from. You should also check out our guide to hanging plant stands if you need even more inspiration. 


You can decorate the Green ceiling with many options available in the market like hanging pots, planters, baskets with different colours etc the green ceiling gets decorated by the process of decoration with this stuff and you can actually garnish them with many custom options.