Top 5 Interesting Facts About Botox

Botox is a dulling solution injected into a patient’s face to treat frown lines, crow’s feet, or neck wrinkles. It also can be used on muscle groups that are too active and cause persistent wrinkling. What is so different about this treatment is that it can bring a tired face back to its former self without surgery. It’s the opposite of Botox Cosmetic, which can give the face a younger-looking appearance. It would be great to learn about the long-term effects of botox to build your trust in it.

However, while cosmetic Botox might produce more desirable results for certain patients, others will always be disappointed with their new look. It’s easy to wonder the difference between Botox Cosmetic and Botox for medical purposes. This article will discuss how Botox works, medical precautions are taken while having the procedure done, and potential side effects. Botox has been popular for many years because it was the first treatment ever developed to change a person’s appearance physically.

Botox Facts –

  1. Botox, the popular wrinkle treatment intended to smooth the face over time, was first approved in 1988 by the Drug Administration and US food. The brand name is derived from “biotoxin,” a toxin found in a type of fungus that can cause botulism in humans.
  2. The average family pays about $150 for each treatment performed on one person. If a family has two people undergoing facial rejuvenation treatments each year, it will cost them $300 each year.
  3. Botox is created by taking the botulinum toxin and filtering it in an acid solution to reduce the number of bacteria. Then, the toxin is injected just under the surface of the skin. This treatment typically lasts three to four months before another injection is needed. Toxins can block signals sent out by nerve endings that cause muscle fibres to contract.
  4. In studies on rabbits, Botox has been shown to increase their cognitive ability and learning speed positively. For example, one rabbit learned and memorised a list of 15 numbers in the first 10 minutes. Also, their anxiety levels went down when they were injected with Botox. It suggests that Botox could help patients suffering from anxiety disorders or post-traumatic stress disorder. Still, further studies are needed.
  5. Botox can also have unexpected side effects. For example, a woman who went to have Botox injections on her face suffered severe muscle weakness in an inability to urinate and legs. She was taken to the emergency room and released a few hours later. To date, there are no reports of any side effects from injecting Botox into the eyes or throat.

When you pay attention to the points mentioned, you will get to know about the significant factors of botox. It will help you enhance your knowledge about this treatment and allow you to get the best result with no doubts or side effects involved. Try to understand better to experience a lavish lifestyle and have better memories for better living.