Seven Guidelines for a Web Banner Design Creation

Among the most important advertising tools available is a web banner design. For the longest time, people have perceived banners as site embellishments. Even when they click on banners, they do it because these tools are catchy. You can place an affiliate banner on your sites, as it is crucial for Internet marketing. If you offer any Internet services, you realize how important this tool really is.

These marketing tools have to look unique. If not, they will bore your readers so much that they might not visit your site again. You should perceive them the same way you do a flyer design, which is useful offline. If you want to make personal banners, the following guidelines might help.

Quick Banners –

Web visitors lack patience when browsing. If they notice that your banners take a long time to load, they will stop them. Tools that target a certain audience should have a standard size.


The colors are beautiful, but only when you apply them well. The thing to guide you is the design of your website. Colors of your website could easily help you choose the best for the banner. If you exaggerate the color schemes, or you choose some that do not match, you will certainly bore your readers.

Banner texts –

A web banner design should have grammatically correct texts. This means that you have to proofread twice to make sure of this. The same case applies to the flyer design if you plan to use it simultaneously offline.


Nothing is as boring as a stationary banner. Your readers can easily confuse it with a normal picture and might ignore clicking it. Eyes like watching a graphic in motion, but you should not overdo it. Simply use your creativity and notice how easy it is to catch your reader’s attention. You could play with the way colors change or even the images.

Flash animations –

Today, you can easily make use of flash applications to add a background sound in the site. Be warned that some users may require some specific plugins to view your banners on the screen. The GIF style animated styles will do the trick in this case.

Create Professional designs –

Many of us cannot create these advertising tools as experts could. This explains why we should entitle the task to a company such as professional web designing company in mumbai that can deliver great results. They will create clear, sleek and beautiful looking designs to help you achieve your Internet services goals.

Website details –

Since this is an advertising tool, you must include the website details such as the logo and the links. This will give the customer the idea of what the company does. Remember you will post your banners elsewhere on the Web. Any web visitor who finds your banner irresistible will click and follow to your websites.