Knights Of The Round Table Mod – Know about the mod

What is Knights of The Round Table Mod

A new mod that I want to introduce to you today is Knights of The Round Table Mod. It is created by Waabbuffet and currently you can use it with Minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.8.9. The mod help you play the role of a knight who is apart of the Round Table. Round Table is an organization that wants to rule the world of Minecraft.

There is a need to follow the rules and regulations to start the playing of the games at alts on the Minecraft server. The selection of the round table is also essential for the right results. The playing of the games will offer the best results in the collection of the rewards and bonuses,

As a Knight you now can create your own kingdom: Fight off evil forces and generate resources. Your goal – or your mission here are follow any path you desire and expand as much as you can.

Getting Started

To get started with the mod all you have to do is create the Structure Builder Block… Place this in the world and you get! Here you will be able to choose which building you want to build, the starting location, and which direction it will build out towards! Once you have selected Everything Click Start Construction and Bam Bam Once you have Started the construction this is what will come next…To start Building start providing the blocks that appear on the screen… Now you might think that these are alot of Blocks to get but not to worry…You can ignore up to three blocks in this material List! Important Information: In this mod you are playing as a knight apart of a bigger organization with that being said the Round Table Has set up various Outposts Around the world to help you with Your kingdom! This Outpost is still a work in progress and is missing alot of the features I want to have however it includes two shopkeepers inside the market place (One which sells blocks, and the other which buys resources), Several Guards which will attack nearby monsters, and Various Villagers in the kingdom!

How To Generate Gold: 1. Killing Monsters (1 Monster Kill is worth 20 gold) 2. Completing Quests for the villagers in the kingdom (There are 37 quests which include killing, gathering, and Delivery Quests) 3. Sell resources to the outpost! 4. (NYI) Completing Commander Quests Kingdom Information: To get Starting In your Kingdom the first two Buildings should be the Town Hall, and a Small House! Inside the Town Hall is a Recruiter…He is the Key to getting villagers into your kingdom In order to get a Villager into your kingdom you have to place a bid and hope that someone from an existing kingdom will come to work for you for that amount. (1000 = 1.0% increase) Once they have found someone you will have to select a home for them and pay them that amount… Once you have done so you can give a job to the villager These Are all the various Jobs a Villager Can preform! Villager Job Information: Miner: -The miner will make the villager generate iron, coal, and cobble stone by mining from this specific structure! Required Building: Miners guild Structure Materials: 11 Stone, and 19 Cobblestone wall Note: The resources to make this structure have to be provided and the water/lava bucket have to be inserted manually, Also the miner will require an iron pick axe to be inside the building’s Structure Block!

Tree Cutter: – The Tree cutter will cause the villager to be able to plant a 5 by 5 square of saplings and will chop down the trees grown. It will produce Apples, oak saplings and Oak wood. This will require a constant supply of saplings. Required Buildings: Lumberjack Guild Required Tool: Iron Axe Wheat Farmer: – The wheat Farmer will plant a 5 by 5 area of wheat and harvest them when ready. It will produce wheat and seeds This will require a constant supply of seeds. Required Buildings: Wheat Farmer Guild Required Tool: Iron hoe Reed/Melon Farmer: – The Reed/Melon Farmer will plant a 8 by 8 area of wheat and sugar cane and will harvest them when ready. It will produce melon, and sugar cane. This will require both sugar cane, and melon seeds! Required Buildings: Exotic farmer guild Required Tool: Iron hoe Mail Man: – The mail man can visit up to four building locations and deposit the resources generated into the closest storage building. He will walk around and visit each building (kinda fun to watch haha).

Required Buildings: Messanger Guild Required Tool: N/A Carpenter: – The Carpenter will autocraft various wood products which can be use for the buildings. The recipes are the same as in the crafting table and requires the resources to do so… The carpenter will always produce more than normal crafting recipes. Required Buildings: Carpenter Required Tool: N/A Builder: – The builder will auto pull resources from the storage location and feed it into the structure builder block! This makes building kinda automatic and less hands on! Required Buildings: Builders Guild Required Tool: N/A Storage Keeper: – The Storage keeper will auto sort items into various chests around and will provide the builder with the resources it needs. In the future it will also work with the mail man to deposit resources for the auto crafters. Required Buildings: Storage Hut Required Tool: Iron hoe Blacksmith: – Like the carpenter this will auto produce various “blacksmithy” items at an increased rate than normal. Also doesn’t require a fuel source for the time being. In the future fuel sources will further boost output rates. Required Buildings: Blacksmith Required Tool: N/A Mod review (updating) How to install Download and install Minecraft Forge

  • Download the mod.
  • Go to %appdata%.
  • Go to .minecraft/mods folder.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded jar (zip) file into it.
  • If one does not exist you can create one.