Dog Sledding As A Career

Dog Sledding as a Career Dog sledding is an adventurous career and it offers great possibility in ones career. But it is also a very tough career and you should be prepared for the ups and downs of life. The main quality required for dog sledding career is the love for the dogs and the love for this job. When considering for this career you should think what you really want. You can work in a nice office suit or you can choose this hard life full of adventure. Anyone wants to choose dog sledding as a career should think carefully what he really wants in his life. 

Taking dog sledding as a career means you have to work hard for your life and the paying is not much. Sometimes it only offers housing and eating. But even with these limitations people are entering in dog sledding profession. It may seem a bit weird but the main thirst for this job is not the money but the adventure in one’s blood. Another reason to be in this profession is the love for the dogs. It provides the best opportunity to enjoy the free wild nature. So, anyone loves dog or nature can enter in this profession. 

Anyone wants to be a dog handler should have great understanding about the sled dog. He has to understand the feeling of the dogs and also need to learn the verbal command used to control the dogs. New handlers are provided basic training to be a successful handler. When he becomes experienced he can train new puppies to teach them how to pull a cart and to take command from the musher. This is the best way to become close to the sled dogs. This career is perfect for the people who love dog.

It is also possible to work as a musher. Musher is the person who controls the sled dogs to pull the cart. As the necessity of dog sledding for transportation has decreased, now a day’s people are getting in this profession mostly for dog sledding racing. A lot of races are organized every year and the number of participants has increased lately. This has become a very exciting profession and a good musher can earn pretty good. It is the dream of every musher to participate in the Iditarod dog sledding racing as it is the most prestigious event in the world. Musher can also work as a guide in the dog sledding tours arranged by the operators.

The greatest facility of dog sledding career is that you will be in the Arctic region where you can experience the Arctic wilderness. This is a great chance to spend your time with the sled dogs and you can even experience northern light which is called to be most beautiful night view in this world. There is much other career opportunity in this profession. Taking a proper training and equipment from the pet supplies online you can also join as a musher or a handler or a guide. This is the true career of a adventure loving person.

Preventive measures should be taken to protect your dog’s health. This may include vitamins and supplements, heartworm prevention, flea prevention and dental care. Your veterinarian will prescribe the appropriate treatments based on your location and your pet’s individual needs.