Best Minecraft Servers With Unique Gameplay Features You Need To Try

Mining and crafting your way through the world of Minecraft is a classic experience for gamers of all ages. However, if you’re looking to step up your game, it may be time to check out one of the best Minecraft servers by Minecraft Menu. These unique gameplay features provide an exciting twist on the original game – from mini-games and custom maps to modified rulesets that can turn your world upside down. Here are some of the most innovative servers that will take your gaming experience to the next level:

1. Survival Games – The Battle Royale Experience

Survival games is a popular battle royale style mode that pits teams against each other in a fast-paced last-man-standing competition. This intense game mode requires players to scavenge for resources such as food, weapons and tools while fending off enemy attacks. It’s an intense but rewarding experience that keeps players engaged for hours on end.

2. Skyblock – Build Your Floating Island Empire

Skyblock offers an interesting twist on traditional block building gameplay – instead of mining within a standard world, players construct their own floating island base! This creative mini-game encourages gamers to utilize their imagination while exploring new ways of using blocks and materials in order to build more advanced structures. With its novel concept and impressive visuals, Skyblock is sure to give you a different kind of adventure every time you play!

3. UHC – Explore Uncharted Worlds

UHC stands for Ultra Hard Core, which should already give you an idea about what this server has in store! Players can explore uncharted lands filled with hostile mobs and treacherous terrain while attempting to survive as long as possible without dying or losing their items/equipment due to starvation or other hazards. This thrilling challenge encourages gamers to think strategically about resource management and survival tactics while pushing their limits at the same time!

4. Paintball – Challenge Opponents In An All Out War

This unique server allows players to engage in epic battles against their friends or random opponents using paintball guns loaded with colourful blocks of paint! Players must race around different maps trying to take out enemies with strategic manoeuvres before they are taken out themselves, making this mode a fun mix of hide and seek and shooter games like Counter Strike GO!

5. Grief Prevention – defend your land from invaders

Grief Prevention allows users to protect their land from invaders by setting up special zones that can only be entered by special invitation! This ingenious system helps to protect all builds from the destruction caused by malicious players who would otherwise destroy everything in sight just for the fun of it! With this clever feature, everyone can enjoy the game without worrying about random griefers ruining the fun.

6. Hunger Games – Compete in a race to survive and win

Based on Suzanne Collins’ iconic book series The Hunger Games, this server brings all the action into virtual reality as two teams compete to emerge victorious after surviving the many challenges thrown at them along the way! Players must quickly gather resources, craft weapons and armour before facing off in intense showdowns that require both brains and brawn – no wonder it’s so popular with fans around the world!

7. Creative Mode – Unleash your creativity without limits

Creative Mode gives users unlimited access to blocks/items, giving them free rein to build detailed architectures that span entire worlds without any restrictions! Whether you want to design intricate castles or dream up fantastical creatures, anything goes in Creative Mode on these servers – even flying around is allowed, as there’s no fear of falling into holes like in the usual Survival modes! There are also plenty of regular community events where people share ideas & creations with each other, which always results in amazing projects being built together in a short period of time!

8. Roleplay Servers – Live out any fantasy you can imagine

Every gamer dreams of living out their fantasy characters, but roleplaying servers make those fantasies a reality through powerful engines capable of simulating virtually any environment imaginable – from medieval knights jousting tournaments to space adventures involving intergalactic wars… the possibilities are truly endless! As well as offering incredibly immersive experiences, these roleplaying servers reward those who stay engaged throughout the campaigns, offering exclusive rewards that can only be obtained by completing specific tasks set by pre-defined mission objectives. Whether it is slaying dragons or becoming the mayor of a town, roleplayers will never be bored and will always have a reason to come back!


With so many different types of Minecraft servers available today, it can be hard to decide which ones offer the most value when it comes to unique gameplay features. We hope our list has given readers enough information needed to help make informed decisions regarding picking suitable preferences, whether its competitive combat, crafting masterpieces, unlocking secrets, etc… No matter what type of player you might be, rest assured there’s something perfect waiting right around the corner at best Minecraft servers by Minecraft menu just ready to be explored!