3 Solutions That Can Help You In Having Multiple Pokemon Go Accounts On Your Phone 

Pokemon Go is a virtual game that can be played through your smartphone or tablet. In this game, you will get a character, and you have to operate him/her according to your choice. You have to find the pokemons’ to get them and to earn points through it. You cannot play this game by sitting at a single place, and you have to walk around to find the pokemon. In the game, you will find a map that is made up according to your place, and it will place the pokemon in your place. You have to go by yourself by checking up the location of the pokemon and have to get it. There is no complexity in this game, and anyone can easily play it.

For playing this game, you have to create an account in the game first. In a single device, you are only allowed to open one account, and you cannot open more than that. But, for opening multiple accounts, you need to look after https://minionaccounts.com/which includes all the solutions related to it. These solutions will help you create multiple accounts on your smartphone. Let’s have a look at those solutions.

Solution-1 Twin Pokemon Go with either island or parallel spaces 

 Island and parallel space is a kind of application that helps us in creating multiple accounts on a single device. When you get inside the application, you will find that you can download a copy of every application and can create multiple accounts in it. You have to download Pokemon Go in it, and you have to create a new account in it, and you can make your own choice of account. The island will only support android devices, but the parallel space will support both the android and ios devices. Let’s have a look at the steps for running parallel spaces in your smartphone:

  1. Download the application of parallel spaces on your smartphone.
  2. Launch the application in your device and allow all the permissions to it.
  3. Tap Pokemon Go in that application and let the application do its work of making clones.

You will start seeing a new icon of Pokemon Go on your smartphone, and you can play the game by opening it.    

Solution-2 Use the secure folder exploit in the smartphones and tablets made by Samsung 

This solution is for the people who have Samsung’s smartphones and tablets. You can easily download a clone of the game and can carte multiple accounts in it. You will have a private folder on your device, and you have to use it for the process. You have to do nothing; just download the game normally from the play store. After downloading the game, you need to download an ‘apk’ file of the game in that private folder manually. After downloading it, you need to install it. Now the most important part of the process starts; you have to download the official copy of the app in the secure folder. This will allow you to run two different instances of the game, but it will be one from the same account itself. 

Solution-3 Create multiple google accounts

There are two ways of logging in to the Pokemon Go game. You can use your google as well as your Facebook account for logging in. If you make a fake profile on Facebook, then it will violate the rules. You can have a choice of opening a google account instead of doing this thing. You can create some accounts on google and then use them in the game. The problematic part is that you have to log out the accounts every time you want to switch on the other one. This will become trouble for you as no one can do this thing again and again.


The above-mentioned solutions are useful for us as we can have multiple accounts in a single game. This thing is done for fun by so many players, and you can do this on your smartphone itself. The solutions mentioned above are Twin Pokemon Go with either island or parallel spaces, Use the secure folder exploit in the smartphones and tablets made by Samsung, and Create multiple google accounts.