How to Monetize Your Music on YouTube with RouteNote’s Content ID Service

Today, countless musicians and artists are leveraging the power of YouTube as a platform for monetizing their music. With millions of users across the globe, YouTube provides an excellent opportunity to make money from your musical creations. But how do you go about doing so? That is where RouteNote’s content ID service comes in handy. This article will provide you with invaluable insights into how you can monetize your music on YouTube with RouteNote’s content ID services.

What is RouteNote?

RouteNote is one of the most popular digital music distribution platforms globally and offers an effective way to earn revenue when it comes to distributing music online. The company integrates technology with traditional distribution methods and specializes in helping artists reach their audiences more effectively while earning money through various streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc. Moreover, they also offer content identification services through OutlookIndia that help musicians identify any unauthorized use of their material and take appropriate action against them.

Benefits of Using Content ID Services by RouteNote

Content ID allows you to quickly detect any unauthorized use of your copyrighted material on YouTube videos without requiring manual searches or sifting through thousands of videos – something that would otherwise be very time-consuming and difficult. Here are some of the benefits associated with using Content ID services offered by RouteNote:

• Quick Detection & Removal:

Content ID helps you quickly detect any copyright infringement on your material and then takes down those videos before they spread further or cause damage to your reputation or brand image.

• One-Stop Solution:

By opting for Content ID services from RouteNote, you get a comprehensive solution that combines detection and removal options into one package, saving time and effort.

• Copyright Control:

Through ContentID, you can have complete control over who can use your material (by setting permission levels) and what kind of usage fees they must pay for utilizing it in their own works (if applicable).

How Does It Work?

When someone uploads a video containing copyrighted material to YouTube, this service scans all user-generated content against its database, sent by the owner beforehand, to see if there is a match between what has already been uploaded and what the musician/artist has previously claimed through the registration process provided by RouteNote. If a match is indeed found between these two pieces, RouteNote will automatically send notifications to both parties, i.e. the video creator and the artist/musician, informing them of this occurrence along with details of the royalty to be paid for the use of said content in the video (as per the agreement made during the registration phase). Once this process has been successfully completed, you will also receive a notification about the same, which will include payment details based on whether the advertising revenue should be shared between both parties or not (based on the terms set out at the beginning itself).

How much can you earn with this service?

The amount you earn through Routenote’s Content ID service depends on how many views your video gets after being published on the YT platform – more people watching = higher rate per view! In general, however, royalties range from $0.20 – $2/view depending on the type/length/genre, etc; however, exact rates vary from region to region due to different copyright laws, so be sure to do your research before signing up with a particular service provider like Routenote etc.

Should you use a professional music distributor?

While anyone can distribute their own songs on YouTube independently using free tools available online such as Soundcloud or Bandcamp if you want professional-level features such as analytics tracking, performance optimization, automated royalty payment system, etc. then working with established distributors such as RouteNote, could prove beneficial. They offer all of these features at an affordable price, which makes them worth considering as they also seamlessly handle legal documentation issues – eliminating the risk of unlicensed use altogether! In addition, access to exclusive promotional opportunities available only through trusted partner networks adds another layer of security to the revenue generation potential.

Where do I start the process?

Before getting started, the first thing that needs to be done is register an account on the route note website after which the user can start uploading original audio files, and track packaging artwork following instructions given in a step-by-step fashion throughout the entire setup stage. Once everything is set up correctly server proceeds to verify each element, ensuring accuracy and validity used within the project – post successful verification, funds are awarded based on respective royalties linked to individual tracks meaning the artist stands a chance of making a good sum of money just few clicks away!


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