YouTube World- Subscriber Count

There’s no better place like home- is what the naysayers say but nowadays we all have made the virtual world our home from which no one feels coming back from into reality and for a relatively good reason.

Maybe it’s because there are too many problems in the real world that one simply wants to escape to the virtual world of social media with platforms like YouTube and Facebook where they can watch anything that takes to their fancy.

YouTube is arguably the most popular video streaming device available today with billions of subscribers all over the world that have opened up their own channels to showcase their talent and creativity neglected by the whole world that always ridiculed it.

Family Extension

Whatever critics might say about social media, it can never be frowned upon that it has indeed change many lives for the better despite having a negative impact on quite a few as well.

YouTube subscribers are considered a part of an extended family because it is their support that keeps your channel going but many people create a YouTube channel for different reasons like fame, talent showcase, part time hobby, etc. to name a few.

It is necessary to mention that YouTube is not everyone’s cup of tea because there are some that might not be able to handle haters and trolls so if you’re thinking of becoming a YouTuber, you need a thick skin to handle the verbal onslaught that comes from all corners.

The first step is to choose a specific topic to make videos on and it can be anything because there are thousands of channels available where most deal with a similar topic and yet present it in their own unique style without being monotonous, which is how they gain subscribers.

YouTube has numerous milestones when it comes to subscriber count with 100000 subscribers being the specific target following which you receive the silver button but a budding YouTuber shouldn’t solely focus on that during the initial stages.

To buy YT subs you have to be creative and innovative in your videos where you have to come up with something different but in such a way that it does not lose the focus and content of the topic for which your channel exists.


To increase your subscriber count for free you need to follow certain steps so that you can manage things out easily like the following:

  1. Everyone watches dozens of YouTube channels in how they make their videos before creating their own so select a theme with a niche in which you have knowledgeable expertise because it is a foolproof way to increase subscribers because creating stuff on different topics like movies politics, etc. can only get views, not subscribers
  2. Create  mesmerizing thumb nails with catchy video titles but it should be relevant to the video because what some people do is create a topic and add a misleading thumbnail to pique the curiosity of viewers who click on it and move away
  3. Go for a channel trailer where you introduce yourself to the viewers without revealing any info regarding the specialty of your channel but add a YouTube banner as well
  4. Search for well known YouTubers with a strong subscriber count that create similar themes and collaborate with them