What Are The Various Types Of The Steroid Available In Market?

Steroid use is illegal in most countries. However, many bodybuilders have found a way to get their hands on these substances and are now enjoying the benefits of performance-enhancing drugs. But what should you look for when choosing your steroid? What’s the best steroids for bodybuilding? Let’s take a look at some of the top five steroids available today. 

Anabolic steroids are a class of synthetic hormones that have been used by athletes since the 1950s. They were first developed as an alternative to naturally produced male sex hormones. These are not the same hormones that women produce during pregnancy or while nursing, but they do mimic those hormones in order to enhance muscle growth. Many men who began using steroids discovered that they could increase their size by as much as 50 percent without any significant impact on other areas such as strength or endurance. 

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There are a number of different types of steroids available today. Some are designed to be taken orally, while others must be injected into the bloodstream. The following list contains the top five steroids you will need to know about if you plan on becoming a regular user.


Testosterone is one of the most popular steroids available today. It is the primary hormone responsible for building muscle mass throughout the body. This substance is also known for its ability to promote hair growth and improve sexual function in both men and women. Although it can be purchased over the counter, it is highly regulated by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). In fact, the only place you can purchase it legally is through a doctor’s office. It is important to note that there may be side effects with long term usage. There are also numerous forms available including testosterone cypionate injections and topical creams which can be applied directly to the skin. 


Dianabol is often referred to as “the mother of all steroids” because of its versatility. It is typically used to help build up the muscles of the upper arms, shoulders, chest and back. It has been noted that this drug tends to work better than test for increasing overall muscle mass. However, it does cause water retention which can lead to bloating and swelling. The side effects of this drug include increased appetite, acne, hair loss and liver damage. Because of its potency, the recommended dosage is usually limited to 10mg per day. An injectable form is also available. 


Proviron is another popular steroid used primarily for increasing muscle mass and strength. Men who use it tend to notice increases in their bone density and libido. Women using this drug report gains in facial hair, breast enlargement, and overall weight gain. Like Dianabol, the recommended dosage of this drug is usually limited to 20mg per day. If you are interested in seeing more information about proviron, check out our proviron review. 


Andro is a very potent form of oral steroids that was originally created to treat certain medical conditions. It is actually a mixture of two other chemicals, DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and estradiol. Its popularity among bodybuilders led to the creation of various products that contain this particular drug. Unfortunately, due to the legal status of Andro, many users are forced to obtain it illegally from underground sources. This can make it difficult to find reputable dealers. One of the main drawbacks of taking Andro is the risk of developing gynocomastia (an enlarged breast tissue in males). You are encouraged to seek out professional medical advice before beginning a course of treatment.


Ephedra is a natural product derived from the cactus plant. It contains a chemical called ephedrine, which works as a stimulant and helps to increase blood pressure and heart rate. While this ingredient is commonly found in diet pills and energy drinks, it has also gained popularity as a supplement among bodybuilders. It is often combined with caffeine and used as a fat burner. A common side effect of consuming too much of the substance is insomnia and high blood pressure. 

These are just some of the top 5 steroids for bodybuilding. If you want more info about steroids, check out our article entitled Top 5 Steroids For Bodybuilding.