Things to Find in an International Primary School Singapore

Are you planning to enroll your child in an International Primary school Singapore has today? Probably, you’re thinking about which school to go to, especially with all the options available. That’s why you should know what to find in an international school to make a choice. After all, you want the best for your kids, and knowing these points would guide you to a reputable school.

How to Find an International Primary School Singapore

Keep these points in mind when choosing an international school for your child:

  1. First, know about the licenses and accreditations of an international school. Two of the accreditations you should see come from the Council of International Schools and International Baccalaureate,

That is an essential consideration since you want your child to get legal and standard education. You don’t want them to finish school years that other schools or companies don’t recognize. It also ensures that your child is getting proper education for their learning development.

  1. Next, know more about the curriculum of an international school. Try asking about what subjects they teach and how they deliver the topics to the students. Remember that each school may have a unique teaching approach. It’s great if you’d approve of such methods for your kids. 

Of course, the curriculum should have the correct international accreditations as well. That’s when you know about the quality of learning that your child can get. 

  1. An international school should have professional teachers too. These are teachers who can deliver the quality standard of education to the students. They possess the necessary licenses to teach, and they have impressive international recognitions too. 

Yes, you can check the background of faculty staff through the official website of an international school or by visiting their office. However, do not miss asking parents of students in such schools. That helps you know how teachers in there handle each class.

  1. Of course, you should check the campus of an international school too. It should have a conclusive environment for learning, and it should be enough for extra-curricular activities. After all, your child’s development isn’t just about classroom learning alone. It should involve their social and physical wellbeing too.

Moreover, the presence of safety and security features are essential too. Think of fire exits, security guards, and security cameras, among others. They ensure the safety of your child on campus.

  1. Lastly, an excellent international school has enough support for the learning of students too. That refers to groups that the school forge with teachers, authorities, and parents. You can see them as Parents Teacher Associations in schools. Such support is vital for communication purposes, especially when making decisions about certain matters.

These points help you identify a reputable international school from a mediocre one. That’s why you should remember them while searching for a school where you can enroll your child. To spot such points in a school, check their website, visit their campus, or ask some parents of enrolled students. Make a shortlist, then pick the best International Primary School Singapore has for your child.