The NordVPN To Keep Your Data Private & Safe

We are living in a time when privacy is nothing more than a myth. Yes, because every time you log into your oh-so-convenient internet using your equally convenient mobile devices, you are being tracked. Where exactly you live, what websites you are visiting, how long you spend your time on them, and even what your tastes and future course of action will be, everything is getting recorded.

All of this is because we live in a capitalist economy where data is the new fuel. This same data helps big multinational giants to control your internet behavior so that they can lure you into watching certain kinds of content, which will then further lure you into buying certain kinds of products.

Why is privacy important?

We do not want anyone to know what we are doing at every hour of the day, do we? Isn’t it too much of a hindrance to how we would like to live? We definitely do want anyone dictating us, so? Yes, even if you switch off your search history, they will still know it. There are many subtle and indirect means used by the high quality, brand new algorithms of these companies to snatch money out of our pockets without you having an iota of hint about it. This is grossly unethical and more so when they are in control of your medical history too. This can be used for curating the information shared with you on the internet, which is a kind of implicit form of discrimination.

But, no more. With the introduction of VPN connections, it became possible to spoof the internet that has been long trying to spoof you back.

How does a VPN work?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network connection puts a shield between you and the internet party by tunneling your request to a remote server. This grants the user more freedom regarding what it likes to watch and pay for. Because now the request comes from a remote server, the internet service provider (ISP) agency cannot track you down. The virtual tunnel by which it makes it happen is fully encrypted to save your privacy to the maximum level.

NordVPN is a No Logs connection that is 100% safe and efficient. It does not store any data as it is operated outside the purview of EU & US data retention laws. The services are true to their words because of the fact that their policies are audited by independent leading experts in the auditing domain like PricewaterhouseCooper AG, Zurich, Switzerland.

What data do regular ISPs store over VPNs?

There are two types of classifications under which your user data is stored:

  • Private browsing data

It basically includes all your incoming & outgoing IP addresses and the date on which they have been used with the inclusion of the duration for which they have been nudged. It also records the amount of data transferred to and from these IP addresses. If you have used any VPN servers, they will also be noted down.

  • Usage Logs

It collects the information of websites visited and any sort of files downloaded from them. It also tracks the software used.

In a trusted and secure VPN connection, both of the data, as mentioned earlier, are not stored in whatever form possible. While many free VPNs promise you that, not every VPN does it. It is because, of course, any free service has to sustain itself so that there is always a risk of sharing your data with other third-party applications. For this reason, it is very much vital that you enroll in a properly audited and secure VPN connection. Generally, paid VPNs fare far better in just the right kind of data protection you need. Their prices are far reasonable when compared to the loss of out pocket expenditure you unknowingly make due to the exploitative means adopted by most ISPs. They share a wide variety of payment platforms and even accept payments in the form of cryptocurrencies. This can help you get away from the radar of VPN bans used by certain countries.

A data breach can cost you your life if you are dealing with some extra-sensitive information. For such situations, a VPN connection not only becomes desirable but instead mandatory. Using a VPN connection is extremely easy; you just have to log in to a good VPN provider service, and voila, there you are.

It is not just about saving sensitive information; you can also access the entertainment content that might not be available in your country due to censorship laws, etc. Simply switching to a the NordVPN website allows you to access any content available on the internet. So, now you are in the driver’s seat; you are in control of what you want to see or read. And, indeed, there is no greater happiness than that of being free.

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