Stalking On Relationship Sites – How to choose the right sites

Dating and relationship sites are the perfect place to start when you are looking for love. Unfortunately a lot of people end up getting more than what they originally bargained for. They not only fail to find love and happiness but unfortunately find themselves as victims of cyber stalking. Statistics reveal that women are the ones who end up being stalked more often online. In fact, with the advent of technology, online stalking is now gaining in prevalence compared to real life stalking. Although there is a difference between both forms of stalking, it is worth noting that online stalking and harassment may in the end become real life stalking. Here are certain things you should know about online stalking.

You need to choose the right Transgender Dating Sites for the meeting of the partner for marriage. It is eliminating the requirement of real life stalking for the people. The control is in the hands of the users to find the right person to meet with the needsand expectations. 

The urge to control

In reality most stalkers tend to be men and the majority of victims are women. Stalkers can be ex flames, former intimates or perfect strangers whom you have come across on relationship sites. One similarity between all stalkers is that they feel this strong urge to control their victims and is considered as a power crime whereby the stalker feels immense pleasure in causing pain and dominating his victims.

Email address on relationship sites

Use a separate email address to sign up for relationship sites and make sure that the one you use does not contain your full name. Also, do not give out your full name until you are absolutely certain that the person you are talking to is the right one. Remember that in this media age, with your name only, people can easily look you up on the internet and get all your relevant information. While on dating sites, once again maintain the rule of not using your full name or giving out details regarding your work place, home phone number or cellphone number.

Too much secrecy is not good

Everyone wants his personal life to be guarded, but too much secrecy can be harmful as well. If you have met someone on dating site, share it with some of your friends and family members that you can trust. If you have children, inform them about it. Of course you do not have to tell them every detail of your life; you should at least tell them that there is someone new that you are seeing. Also, when you are going on your first date, always inform someone about your whereabouts and have someone check on you at some point. As a precautionary measure, meet the person in a place you are comfortable and familiar with.

Trust your instincts

Always remain on your guards – do not trust people easily as you may never know who they really are. The moment you sense that there might be something wrong with the person, trust you gut feeling. Either back out from the relationship or do further research on the person before taking one step ahead. For example google up his name, if you know people who live in the same city as him, extract information on him.

Nowadays there are many laws to protect victims of cyber stalking but remember that it is up to you to denounce your stalkers. If someone is harassing you, rather than trying to deal with the situation all by yourself or giving in to the pressure, you should rather seek help.