Pole Dancing Weight Loss

Any physical activities can contribute to your weight loss regime especially if you put serious dedication into it. Dancing is one of the best cardio workouts which is a proven effective method for slimming.

Dancing is often overlooked or ignored by most people as one of the easiest and hassle-free method of fitness. There is no needed equipment nor any workout essentials required, except of course for a sound system. Burning fat can be made enjoyable through this types of activities.

I previously wrote two types of dancing programs in this site, this includes belly dancing and the trending hip hop abs. Today’s topic is Pole Dancing, a considered bizarre or exotic kind of dancing. Can it really help you lose weight? Learn more about this wonderful dancing regime including its other benefits aside from weight loss.

What is Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing is considerably one of the most interesting workout program that an individual can take for weight loss. It increasingly getting more popular each day which is mainly a combination of dancing and gymnastics. In short, practicing a pole dance routine is an art, displaying finesse and skills.

It involves dancing and performing different acrobatic stunts with a vertical pole. While some of you might think that pole dancing can only be seen in bars and night clubs or views this activity as an erotic form of dance, you are wrong. Pole dancing is now one of the most in-demand dancing program in the world and you can literally see pole dancers everywhere such as gyms, dancing schools, gymnastics, dance studios and many others.

In fact, world pole dancing competitions exists, which features professional and very athletic dancers from around the world. So the perception that pole dancing is an exotic form of dancing was already overshadowed by these facts. Also, pole dancing is not just for women, it can also be performed by men. To take a quick glimpse on how pole dancing is performed, take a look at the video below provided by Studio Veena.

Pole Dancing as an Exercise

Like any dancing activities, pole dance is a sure-way and complete workout that promotes flexibility, strength and endurance. Although based on gymnastics, the routines shows more striptease-like moves, holding, griping or moving around the pole without too much acrobatics.

As for the video above, the dancer shows upper body and core strength for climbing and gripping with the pole. Spinning and inversions are necessary to make the dance graceful. Limbs are used to grip while not holding the pole for balancing. Adequate training is necessary to achieve proper and safe pole dancing.

This regimen is now widely considered as an aerobic and anaerobic workout which promotes cardiovascular health. Since it became available and acceptable as a form of exercise, only certified or recognized schools with qualification standards have the right to accept aspiring dancers.

Health Benefits of Pole Dancing

If you want to achieve health and wellness through exercise, pole dancing can very well provide you all the health benefits you seek. It gives you the sense of freedom and empowerment, which is attributed from your dancing satisfaction. It can also improve your physical appearance, stamina and keeps your mind alert.

The dancing routines actually provides full cardiovascular benefits. The rigorous up and down moves with the pole is enough to burn more calories and fat, which constitutes to weight loss. Below are the health benefits of pole dancing.

  • improves body coordination
  • good posture
  • tones and develops muscle groups
  • improves flexibility, strength, stamina and endurance
  • boosting your metabolic rate
  • strengthens your immune system
  • lowers blood cholesterol
  • perfect for the heart and skin
  • ignites your sexual life
  • moods stabilizer
  • reduces stress, fights anxiety
  • develops your skills and self-confidence

These benefits will sure get your attention. Practicing pole dancing however is not a simple task. If you are a newbie, you need a professional help from a pole dance expert and you should not attempt to learn the routine all by yourself. Doing so may increase your risk of certain injuries and even death.

Once you acquired training, you may practice pole dancing as your regular exercise program at home. Just make sure that you build a steady metal pole that can carry your weight and not just any pole you see in the streets, lol. Consistent pole dancing will definitely ensure your weight loss success.

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