Permanent Resident Visa- How A Person Can Apply For It?

A little over a decade ago, the United States and Mexico signed an agreement that created the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This was in the hopes of lowering trade barriers between these two countries. While it has been a long time since then, the U.S. still continues to use its NAFTA status to create work visas for foreign workers.

The problem with this is that the U.S. is using the wrong criteria on who they are willing to grant work permits. Instead of looking at someone’s skill set and whether or not they can do the job, the U.S. is instead focusing on something called ‘employment intent’.

This is where the government decides how much money you make per month. If your income is high enough — more than $10,000 — then they will consider hiring you. If not, they won’t even look at your resume.

If you have a higher-paying job, but you don’t know anything about the field you’re working in, you’ll likely never be able to get a U.S. work permit.

It’s not just the United States either. Canada has similar rules in place when it comes to foreign workers. The only difference is that Canada requires a Canadian employer to hire a worker before they can apply for a work permit.

In addition to this, there are other restrictions that exist in both countries as well. Even if you meet all of the above qualifications, you could still run into problems because you may want to change jobs in the future.

So what exactly happens when a foreigner wants to come work in the U.S.? How does one go about getting a work visa?

What Is A Permanent Resident Visa?

To understand how a permanent residency visa works, we need to first understand what a permanent resident visa is. Unlike a temporary resident visa, which allows the visitor to spend an amount of time in the country, a permanent resident visa allows them to live permanently in the country after their stay ends.

For instance, let’s say I am a citizen of Australia. Let’s also say that I have applied for a visit visa from my home country. After my visit visa expires, I would have to return to my home country to apply for another visa that would allow me to enter the U.S.

A permanent resident visa, however, allows me to remain in the country indefinitely. It allows me to become a lawful permanent resident of the United States.

There are a few different types of permanent resident visas, each with its own requirements. One of the main categories is the EB-1 and EB-2 visas. These are the most common forms of permanent residence visas available today.

Work Permit Requirements

Before a person can apply for a work visa, they must first apply for a nonimmigrant visa. This type of visa is different from a tourist visa, in that a tourist visa only allows visitors to enter the country temporarily. Non-immigrants, on the other hand, are allowed to reside in the country for a period of time. So why is this important?

Non-immigrants are people who come into the country for a specific purpose. In order to qualify for a non-immigrant visa, you must show that the reason for coming to the U.S. is related to a profession or job. You cannot simply come here to travel around and explore.

Now that we have covered some background information, let’s talk about the actual process of obtaining a work visa through the EB-5 program. Let me start by saying that the EB-5 program isn’t easy. If you try to apply without the proper paperwork, you could end up being rejected.

So now that you know what you need to do, let’s take a closer look!

How To Apply For An EB-5 Visa

The EB-5 program is made up of two different parts. First, you must find a qualified investor who is willing to invest $500,000 into a business project that will create 10 jobs in the U.S. This is known as the Regional Center Program.

Next, you must find 5 jobs that are going to be filled by U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents. Once the qualifying investments are made, the Regional Center Program provides for a fee reduction. The qualifying investment is then used to pay back the investors.

Once you have completed all three steps, you will have to wait until the Department of Homeland Security approves your application. Once approved, you’re good to go!

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