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How Your Electrical System Works – Know The Right Working!!

In this section of the Electrician Virginia Beach website we will go over an average home electrical system and how the electricity gets from your local electrical provider to all the various electrical appliances in your home.

Most residential homes in the US, and certainly the ones in Virginia Beach, have a main electrical line coming in from their power company to a meter on the outside of their house. This “line” actually consist of two 120 volt wires and a neutral wire. In the electrical biz, these two 120 volt wires are called “hot” wires.

From the electrical meter, the wires are routed into a main distribution area called an electrical panel. Depending on the size or electrical load of the home, you could have additional panels off the main one called “sub panels”. If you’re old school, you may call this panel a fuse box.

Inside your main electrical panel are safety devices called circuit breakers, or if your home is old school too, fuses. You will have a breaker (or fuse) for each circuit in your home. These circuits are called branch circuits. A typical branch circuit might feed all the outlets in a bedroom for example.

Most circuits in your home carry one hot leg of 120 volts, a neutral wire and a ground wire and are named, conveniently enough, 120 volt circuits. Other circuits carry two wires, each with 120 volts, and feed large appliances like your stove, water heater or air conditioner. These circuits are called 240 volt circuits. For the understanding of the work, a visit can be made at the official site. The running of the electronic appliances is great with the best results. The selection of the right contractor should be there to have the benefits at the home and other place.  

The majority of things requiring electricity like lamps, televisions, toasters and your child’s Play Station video game console use 120 volts. You get this 120 volts out of the outlets that are located on walls throughout your home.

If you look closely at the electrical ratings on these devices however, you may notice that some are rated for 120 volts while others are rated for 115 volts or even 110 volts. What’s up with that?

Each of these electrical devices are designed to operate off of the standard voltage in your home, which of course starts out at 120 volts at the electrical panel box. As the current flows through the wires to various outlets, the voltage drops a bit and as the electricity finally reaches the furthest outlets from the electrical panel you will lose a few volts which is completely normal.

The electrical current that flows through the wires in our home is measured in volts, amps and watts. Voltage is simply the pressure being applied to the electricity as it is being pushed through the wire… much like the pressure of the water being pushed through your water pipes.

And just like water, we can say that the amount of electricity being pushed through the wires is called wattage… with water it is gallons.

You get the amperage rating by dividing the voltage by the wattage. So, if you have a 120 volt lamp using a 100 watt light bulb you will be drawing .83 amps. Most of the circuits in your home can handle, depending on the wire and breaker size, 15-20 amps.

So, we are back to circuit breakers. Circuit breakers are important safety devices that will cut power to a branch circuit should it start to draw to many amps. To many amps can cause the wiring and electrical components to overheat and cause a fire.

So, when your teenage daughter has all the lights on in her bedroom as well as the television, stereo, computer, curling iron and blow dryer, you can see how each appliances amp draw adds up until you have reached the circuits capacity to deliver electricity and it trips a breaker.

Without circuit breakers and fuse protection, teenagers all across the world would be burning down their parents homes!

Now, you may have noticed that in your kitchen and bathroom there is an odd looking outlet that has its own safety device installed in it. It has a couple of buttons that you can push and will sometimes trip at the most inconvenient of times.

These outlets are known as GFCI outlets, or ground fault circuit interrupters. They are designed to protect people as well as the homes electrical system and are used in areas where moisture is present… like in a bathroom next to a sink.

Should you happen to drop your blow dryer in a sink full of water, you will cause a short circuit and your typical breaker would overheat and shut off the electricity. However, if your foot was in that sink of water for some odd reason, a typical breaker would not trip fast enough to keep you from getting a heck of a shock!

That is what the GFCI is used for. It is mighty quick to fill the power should it detect even the faintest hint of moisture in the electrical system and you absolutely need to have these outlets in your bathroom as well as the kitchen. Yes, they cost a few more dollars but they can save your life!

Breakfast Health Drinks – How To Select The Best One To Drink?

Nothing beats the convenience of grabbing a health drink from the fridge on your way to work. Breakfasts are the most important meal of the day, but with busy schedules it’s usually the first thing to go out the door when we are getting late. Hence, the sheer convenience of health drinks is that you don’t have to spend time thinking about what to cook or time in preparation—nutrition is just at the tip of your fingers. I’m not so big on commercial energy drinks or health drinks, I much prefer to make a concoction of my own the night before and keep it in the fridge overnight. That way it stays fairly fresh and is nice and cool first thing in the morning.

There are a couple recipes that I find work well for me, but if you’re not a big fan of leafy greens and gourds, then you might want to alter the recipes just a bit. These recipes work pretty well and require little to no preparation. I’ve not come up with all of them on my own, some were born from the advice of friends, others by Google research, and yet others by personal experimentation, and I can ensure that these recipes are really helpful. This is a good and simple place to start, though, and later you can figure out what works best for you. The ingredients that I feel most comfortable about using are the ones that contain natural anti-oxidant qualities. It’s the perfect way to start your day!

Put all these into the blender or juicer. Blend till it becomes a juice form, and then pour it into a cup and drink. Health drinks such as this one are best drunk in the morning so that their healing effects can cleanse your entire system. This particular recipe has a dual use. Aside from helping to fight cancer and reduce cholesterol it also helps to improve headaches and stomach pains. Testogen reviews will help the person to know what to eat and drink to increase testosterone. The people should prepare a plan and work on it to get the desired results. The drinking of the products is under the supervision of the experts to get the desired results. 

Put all these into the blender or juicer. Blend till it becomes a juice form, and then pour it into a cup and drink. If you’re someone who is a diehard health freak then adding a clove of garlic into the brew is enormously healthy as well. It was in the original recipe, but personally, considering the before office hours I’ve never been brave enough to try it! But if you do, let me know what it tastes like. The garlic and parsley in this drink provide you with loads of antioxidants.

Put all these into the blender or juicer. Blend till it becomes a juice form, and then pour it into a cup and drink. A dash of sweetener can also be included to make the drink more palatable, or you could try adding an orange or 1 /4 of an apple to be more nutritious. I know the blended spinach part sounds intense, but trust me, spinach is filled with antioxidants that help to keep your cholesterol at healthy levels. And besides, it really doesn’t taste as bad as it looks. Different testosterone boosters are available in the market, but the selection of the right one will deliver an impressive and attractive body to the interested person. the gathering of the correct and essential information is necessary for the people. 

Put all these into the blender or juicer. Blend till it becomes a juice form, then pour it into a cup and drink. Each of these ingredients, again, is high in antioxidant content and damages free radicals.

Okay, I bet by now you are slightly disgusted with all this “healthy” drink talk. But, really, it doesn’t taste so bad if you are brave enough to try it. The nutritional benefits far outweigh the unpleasantries and I’m sure it won’t be long before you’ve found a vital supplement to morning coffee! Breakfasts are not worth skipping altogether, because doing so can land you with a heap of health problems. I find that personally health drinks are the way to go as far as breakfast is concerned. Another health drink that is fairly nutritional is this brand called Ensure. Ensure drinks are pretty rich in vitamins and protein. However, I would only recommend them as breakfast drinks for those trying to maintain or lose weight, and as snack drinks for those trying to gain weight.

Osteoarthritis In Dogs: How To Improve Their Quality Of Life?

The difficulties of mobility, such as lameness, are themselves symptoms of a dog suffering from osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease. But certain patterns can be achieved to improve the welfare and quality of life can. Here’s what dog arthritis, signs of the disease, its treatment and five tips for improving the quality of life of a dog with this condition.

What is osteoarthritis in dogs?

The Canine Osteoarthritis is a joint disease of progressive (symptoms worsen over time), degenerative and may be congenital. This condition causes the loss of cartilage structure, responsible for joint mobility. As with people, the discomfort and symptoms resulting from dog arthritis aggravated by cold and humidity and summer heat. Therefore, with extreme temperatures, the animal’s condition worsens suffering from osteoarthritis.

So it is important to have adequate knowledge about osteoarthritis because it is a grave condition that any dog can be afflicted with irrespective of the breed so its symptoms have to be gauged in the early stages itself so that it can be treated accordingly otherwise it would prove difficult for the poor canines to manage it on their own and this article would explain it perfectly.

The joints of a dog that has arthritis are not as flexible as or thicker than those of a healthy dog. Cartilage structure is lost or worn and causes discomfort when the animal moves. Hence limp or costing up, lie down or climbing stairs. Osteoarthritis in dogs resulting therefore in lameness, difficulty walking, climbing stairs, slowness of movement. The shock or trauma in joints also favors the formation of this disease that can be localized to a particular joint or be generalized across the cartilage.

The causes that influence the onset of osteoarthritis can be hereditary, as in the case of hip dysplasia or elbow in dogs.

The obesity is also a risk factor for the dog suffering from osteoarthritis. Overweight Overloading joints that wear out and deform more rapidly than in the case of a dog that has an appropriate weight for their age and size.

Addition, accelerated in large breed puppies growth also influences the greater predisposition to osteoarthritis. To avoid this, we recommend moderate exercise during the development and growth of the animal. A proper and balanced diet, that is, adapted to the size, age and level of physical activity performed by the puppy, it is also essential to ensure a smooth and gradual bone growth.

Vitamin supplements for dogs and excess calories in the diet, promote the growth of large size puppy at an accelerated pace. Therefore, we must take into account that “good quality feed adapted to the characteristics of the puppy does not need vitamin supplements promote the emergence of joint problems,” says Ignacio Arija, veterinarian and expert in canine nutrition.

Osteoarthritis in dogs and its size

Osteoarthritis affects mostly large dogs such as German shepherd or rottweiler. The older dogs also are more likely to develop osteoarthritis, the wear of the joint cartilage. If the factor of race with large elderly joins size, the result is a dog with a better chance of getting osteoarthritis.

“Big dogs tend to suffer more joint problems that small,” says Juan Antonio Aguado, veterinarian and professor at the Complutense University of Madrid. In fact, large dogs live shorter lives than smaller ones, due to problems in their joints.

The flat dogs like boxer or bulldog, also are more predisposed to osteoarthritis. “These are breeds that type of breeding that has been subjected abnormal development of joints,” explains María González, Veterinary Association Animal Equality.

Canine osteoarthritis is treated with anti-inflammatory drugs and minerals, vitamins and collagen to nourish the cartilage and prevent fraying and deformed. “The treatment is preventive, palliative, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, but not curative, because osteoarthritis is a chronic disease,” says Aguado.

The important thing when the dog is suffering from osteoarthritis avoids, insofar as possible, the inconvenience resulting from the disease and achieves the highest possible quality for the patient.

Must-Have Toilet Aids for Disabled and Elderly Users

Toilet aids are safety devices or independent living aids that allow a user to safely and independently use the bathroom without the need for a caretaker. This not only helps them maintain their independence but also their self-esteem.

As we grow older, our body movements get restricted therefore simple tasks such as bathing or using the toilet might become difficult. But this can easily be taken care of using toilet aids.

In this blog, we will cover some toilet aids that can easily be added to a bathroom without major modifications making the life of a disabled or an elderly user much better and safer.

Raised Toilet Seats 

A raised toilet seat is quite self-explanatory. It is simply a device that increases the height of your toilet seat. This aid can be quite useful for any individual who finds it difficult to move between seated and standing positions, or someone who struggles with joint pain, particularly in their knees, hips or back. 

There are a few different variations of this product available for purchase – the primary variation that needs to be considered is the height of the raise. Most models are available in 3.2 and 1.6-inch styles. The height of your aid should depend on the level of mobility restriction the user suffers from. 

Installation is quite simple and requires only a clamp or a bolt.

Bidet Seats and Handheld Bidet Sprayers

When living with an ailment, such as arthritis, joint pain or restricted mobility, cleanliness, and hygiene can become difficult to maintain independently.

Bidet products are designed to help users with the maintenance of cleanliness during daily hygiene tasks, like using the toilet. There are a few options, each able to help with different specialized needs. 

A bidet toilet seat is a built-in bidet system that cleans the user from within the toilet bowl itself. This option is excellent for users that have little to no mobility to reach around themselves to get clean. Smart bidet technology is now available, this design comes equipped with a wireless remote that can change the settings of the bidet nozzle from posterior to feminine, swing, and massage options. The smart bidet also has self-cleaning nozzles, making it simple to clean and remain hygienic. Another option for users who may have a bit more mobility is the handheld bidet sprayer. This product attaches to the wall near your toilet and can be used as a hose-like system that can be pulled to wherever it is needed. Both of these options require a professionally guided installation but can go a long way in creating a more accessible bathroom for the elderly and disabled.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are a toilet aid that are designed to assist a user to lower and raise themselves from a toilet seat. 

Attached to the wall beside the toilet seat using screws, these disability aids are designed to take on a certain amount of weight.

A person can simply grab on to these disability aids to feel more confident while changing positions.

Some things to look for when buying grab bars is to look for the length, the finish, the diameter and the installation method.

Seven Guidelines for a Web Banner Design Creation

Among the most important advertising tools available is a web banner design. For the longest time, people have perceived banners as site embellishments. Even when they click on banners, they do it because these tools are catchy. You can place an affiliate banner on your sites, as it is crucial for Internet marketing. If you offer any Internet services, you realize how important this tool really is.

These marketing tools have to look unique. If not, they will bore your readers so much that they might not visit your site again. You should perceive them the same way you do a flyer design, which is useful offline. If you want to make personal banners, the following guidelines might help.

Quick Banners –

Web visitors lack patience when browsing. If they notice that your banners take a long time to load, they will stop them. Tools that target a certain audience should have a standard size.


The colors are beautiful, but only when you apply them well. The thing to guide you is the design of your website. Colors of your website could easily help you choose the best for the banner. If you exaggerate the color schemes, or you choose some that do not match, you will certainly bore your readers.

Banner texts –

A web banner design should have grammatically correct texts. This means that you have to proofread twice to make sure of this. The same case applies to the flyer design if you plan to use it simultaneously offline.


Nothing is as boring as a stationary banner. Your readers can easily confuse it with a normal picture and might ignore clicking it. Eyes like watching a graphic in motion, but you should not overdo it. Simply use your creativity and notice how easy it is to catch your reader’s attention. You could play with the way colors change or even the images.

Flash animations –

Today, you can easily make use of flash applications to add a background sound in the site. Be warned that some users may require some specific plugins to view your banners on the screen. The GIF style animated styles will do the trick in this case.

Create Professional designs –

Many of us cannot create these advertising tools as experts could. This explains why we should entitle the task to a company such as professional web designing company in mumbai that can deliver great results. They will create clear, sleek and beautiful looking designs to help you achieve your Internet services goals.

Website details –

Since this is an advertising tool, you must include the website details such as the logo and the links. This will give the customer the idea of what the company does. Remember you will post your banners elsewhere on the Web. Any web visitor who finds your banner irresistible will click and follow to your websites.

Healthy Foods for Diabetes

Diabetes is caused by the lack of the hormone Insulin which is needed to help the body convert food into energy.

There are actually two types of Diabetes:

Insulin Dependent Diabetes is where people have stopped producing insulin themselves and have to have injections of insulin together with a healthy diet and regular meals to control their diabetes.

The other type is Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes and this is when people produce a little insulin themselves, but it’s not enough, or it doesn’t control their blood sugar as well as it should. They can control their diabetes by watching what they eat and sometimes with tablets. This group of people tend to be overweight and so weight reduction also plays an important part in the control of their diabetes.

What people eat is important to anyone with Diabetes and they should also watch their weight. Why should being overweight be avoided? Well, being overweight also makes it very difficult to control diabetes. People with diabetes should aim to keep at a weight that feels right for them, and to maintain that weight.

The longterm answer to weight control is by changing to a healthier eating routine and increasing physical exercise.

Therefore, if you have Diabetes, it’s important to take a look at your eating habits. Some questions you might ask yourself are:

Do you eat too many fatty foods and do you tend to eat when you’re bored or feeling at a loose-end? Perhaps you might even eat in an effort to cheer yourself up?

If you’ve answered yes, to any of these questions, then here’s what to do about it. Be prepared to change some of your eating habits. For instance, try substituting lower calorie, lower fat and lower sugar foods into your diet. Don’t keep high fat or high calorie foods in your fridge or cupboard as these may be too much of a temptation. And if you need a way of cheering yourself up, find new hobbies, join a club or regular exercise can help make you feel relaxed and happy.

Insulin response to the carbohydrate foods we eat varies with the speed of absorption of the carbohydrate. This is where dietary fibre can play a helpful role. Carbohydrate foods that are rich in fibre are absorbed more slowly than those from which the fibre has been stripped. It’s therefore worth thinking about including more unrefined high-fibre starch food in your diet.

You could base your meals around foods such as wholemeal bread, jacket potatoes, beans and lentils. It has also been found that fruit, vegetables and oats (which contain soluble fibre) help slow any rises in blood sugar after meals containing them.

Fruit and vegetables also help lower cholesterol levels which has to be good too. Apples, for instance lower the body’s insulin requirements and are also a good source of potassium. Broccoli is a rich source of chromium which helps regulate insulin and blood sugar and garlic too helps lower blood sugar levels.

It is essential for anyone suffering from diabetes to watch what they eat. Controlling their diet will also help you have some control over your health.

HCG Diet Versus Running

Will the HCG diet work better than an intensive running regimen? I’ve decided to find out with a diet bet.

Since I’ve written about how I refuse to try HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) for my “Five Days on a Diet” experiment, it’s a good “diet” bet that I won’t be the one trying HCG. But I found a willing adversary who will try her best to stay on the HCG diet for 26 days while I’m on the running plan.

My close friend decided to try the HCG diet after many of her nursing colleagues started losing a lot of weight. She recently went on vacation and has decided to start her HCG regimen that includes taking sublingual (under the tongue) drops and eating just 500 calories a day after she returns.

The bet will last 26 days because my friend is on the 26-day plan with a 26-day supply of Human chorionic ganadotropin drops.

She will follow the “Simeons” protocol named after research doctor A.T.W. Simeons who came up with the idea to use the pregnancy hormone (also used as a fertility drug) to help people lose weight without hunger.

I thought no exercise was allowed on the HCG diet, but she clarified dieters are allowed “light exercise.”

We are the same body shape and size – although I am a few years older – which means we are starting with an even playing field for our diet bet.

Here are a few of the “rules” for our HCG versus running diet bet:

No. 1:

We will be looking at three factors: overall weight loss; how many inches lost around the belly button area of the stomach and body fat percentage. There are so many other measurements and factors we could look at, but I think those three things will give an accurate depiction of success after 26 days of the diet bet.

No. 2:

She will follow the Simeons diet as best she can – writing down any cheating or times she strays from the 500-calorie diet and I will do my best to stay on the running plan. Part of a plan being successful is whether a person can even stick to it.

No. 3:

I will not have a set eating plan (other than to be sensible) but will jog/run at least five hours a week, and more if I can do so comfortably. She may do some walking.

No. 4:

Success will be determined only after the 26 days are up – not based on who lost the most weight in the first week.

Who will lose the most body fat after 26 days and who will lose their mind? Is it better to challenge your body and mind by running or better to follow the HCG diet?

Which approach do you think you could handle? I invite you to comment on our adventure in the HCG fad diet versus strenuous exercise war.

And now it’s time for me to lace up my running shoes and hit the pavement!

HAART, Breastfeeding, and the Prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission in the Developing World

A modern conundrum produced by the unique nature of the HIV/AIDS pandemic is the specific case of HIV-positive mothers living in poor countries who have little choice but to breastfeed their infants. However, breastfeeding is one route by which the HIV virus is passed from mother to child, and mother-to-child transmission of HIV accounts for about 10% of new HIV infections worldwide and includes HIV transmission during pregnancy, at child birth, and that due to breastfeeding.

Uganda Struggles with Helping HIV-positive women who are pregnant

I ran across an interesting article concerning how Uganda deals with this issue. It is true that infants can contract HIV through breast milk, however, a huge body of scientific evidence shows that breast milk is really good for infants, due in part to the presence of antibodies from the mother which protected the infant from infection. Such antibodies and the nutritional benefits of mother’s milk is especially important for infants who are growing up in poor countries where there may be inadequate sanitation and high rates of certain infections.

Uganda offers HIV testing for all pregnant women, and if found to be positive there are a number of breast-feeding routines which are offered to the women who then make the ultimate decision. Some women choose not to breast-feed and use formula, while others may breast-feed only during the first six months of the child’s life. A big problem is that in poor countries such as Uganda, formula is too expensive for most mothers to afford. These financial restraints have lead to the promulgation of harm reduction strategies aimed at reducing mother-to-child transmission of HIV in a resource poor setting.

The World Health Organization recommends that infants are fed exclusively via breast milk for the first six months, and afterwards other foods are introduced. And to help decrease the risk of transmission, the mother or the infant should be on antiretroviral medication. Without treatment, the risk of a mother transmitting HIV to her child during breastfeeding is 5 to 20%. These are pretty big numbers when one considers that HIV is a life-long illness.

In rich countries, such as the United States, the use of breast-milk substitutes, in combination with HIV testing and antiretroviral therapy during pregnancy, has drastically reduced the mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

A study done in Kenya shows that when infants fed formula were compared to infants who were breastfed, the infants who were fed formula had a 44% reduction in their HIV infection rate. However, at two years of age there was little difference in mortality between the two groups. Meaning perhaps that infant formula does a poor job of keeping children healthy.

HAART for the Prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission a New Hope in the Developing World

For the foreseeable future, it appears that the use of HAART (High Active Retroviral Therapy against HIV) is the best possible option for preventing the transmission of HIV during breastfeeding. A recent study at the Harvard School of Public Health showed that 99% of HIV-positive breastfeeding mothers on HAART did not pass along the virus to their newborn infants. The World Health Organization is now recommending that all pregnant women be started on HAART. While one would hope that this would happen immediately, the reality is that funding for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs are drying up as major donors such as the United States focus on other public health priorities.

Will Infant Formula Ever Play a Role in the Prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission in the Developing World?

But would it be possible to produce an infant formula targeted for use in the developing world, which might also contain needed micronutrients such as zinc, which when consumed in deficient amounts leads to an increased incidence of gastrointestinal infections. All experts would likely agree that mother’s milk is best, and that use of HAART during pregnancy and breastfeeding is the best way to ensure that the greatest number of children have a chance at living a healthy life.

However, while antiretrovirals are the integral part of the solution for feasible prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in the developing world, their effectiveness in the future may be blunted by increasing viral resistance in coming decades. A safe and effective infant formula, perhaps even fortified with antibiotics and lab produced antibodies, could help infants avoid contracting HIV via breastfeeding and could help them survive in a harsh environment. Considering the devastating consequences of HIV transmission to children, having a “Plan B” in case HAART become ineffective seems like a prudent idea.

Free HIV Medicine Would Encourage Africans to Continue Treatment

Why do some HIV infected people stop taking the very medicines that will help them battle against this virus? Researchers studied the habits of HIV infected people living in the African country of Tanzania for answers. In a recent press release, they reported some of the highlights of their discoveries.

Duke University Medical Center researchers teamed with Tanzanian doctors to discover why some HIV infected patients stopped taking their medications and treatment. They found that some of the ways to help combat the rage that HIV has taken among the African people are to:

  • Provide free medicine
  • Encourage people to provide emotional support for those who have this virus
  • Provide medical services in areas that are geographically closer to the communities with HIV infected patients

Many policy makers struggle with the most effect way to address the AIDs epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa. The number of HIV-fighting drugs that are being sent to this area of the world continues to increase. The drugs being sent are considered anti-retroviral drugs. These drugs suppress the levels of HIV in the blood of infected people to the point where HIV is barely detectable, and prolongs life.

Provide free medicine

They determined that the people who had to pay for their HIV medicines themselves were much more likely to stop treatment than those who were given medicine free of charge.

Many of the people who have HIV in Africa are also very poor since the economy in the area isn’t conducive to wealth. The cost of their medications makes a large impact on their ability to provide for the other necessities of life. Given a choice of buying HIV drugs or having shelter, most choose shelter.

Encourage people to provide emotional support for others

Additionally, people who were infected with HIV but spoke openly about it did much better than those who did not want to openly discuss their infection.

“Another quite interesting finding was that being public about their HIV status was associated with suppression of virus. There still is a substantial stigma associated with HIV in Africa. It is likely that individuals infected with HIV who discussed their disease with friends or family members are likely living in supportive environments that promote adherence,” said Habib Ramadhani, M.D., physician at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre.

Offer medical clinics that are closer to communities

The father away a patient lived from a clinic, the more the chances that the patient would stop taking anti-viral drugs. Many people have to travel a long distance to get to clinics that provide their treatment and simply cannot make the journey.

By providing free medicine, encouraging emotional support, and moving clinics to be closer to HIV patients, patients will follow through and complete their treatments.

Eating Out on a Diet: Village Inn

Village Inn restaurant may not offer a large choice of “diet menu items,” but it can be a piece of cake – or pie – to stay on a diet while eating out there.

My friend who is on Weight Watchers always orders the same thing at Village Inn. She eats two eggs, two pieces of bacon, toast, coffee and takes the pancakes home to her daughter.

For me, eating out at Village Inn while on a diet is about examining what I’ve eaten the rest of the day – or what I plan to eat. If I do indulge in the pancakes, I go easy on the syrup and butter and don’t eat any more “carbs” the rest of the day other than vegetables and fruit. If I have already had plenty of carbohydrates for the day, I’ll order an omelet.

Here are some tips for staying on a diet while eating out at the Village Inn or other pancake and pie restaurants:

No. 1:

Always order the Hollandaise sauce on the side at Village Inn or other pancake houses. Hollandaise is mostly butter. Eggs benedict and many skillet meals are smothered with Hollandaise. Ask for it on the side and then dip your fork as you would a fattening salad dressing.

No. 2:

Avoid biscuits and gravy with sausage patties. Nothing you do the rest of the day can make up for such an unhealthy and fattening choice in my opinion.

No. 3:

Order the cranberry nut oatmeal with pecans with a dry English muffin (no butter). Take the English muffin home or ask to substitute fruit since you don’t want to eat two starchy carbohydrates in one sitting.

No. 4:

Create your own omelets at Village Inn. Some good choices include red peppers, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, olives, and black beans.

No. 5:

Some of the less fattening sauces at Village Inn include the ranchero sauce. Again, always order Hollandaise sauce on the side.

No. 6:

Whenever possible order the Village Inn Veggie Omelet made with egg substitute and part-skim mozzarella cheese. Fresh fruit is fine but be wary of multigrain pancakes. They still have a lot of calories and should be eaten in moderation. Take at least 2/3 to go.

No. 7:

Crepes do not have to ruin your diet at Village Inn. Crepe Lorraine contains rich Hollandaise sauce, bacon and Swiss. Select the veggie crepes instead with sauce on side.

No. 8:

Skillet meals at the Village Inn come with pancakes. Have either the skillet meal or the pancakes – not both. Avoid obvious gut-busting choices such as the double bacon double cheese or chicken-fried steak with sausage gravy.

No. 9:

If ordering salads at The Village Inn, select grilled chicken. Be care of the Chicken Stir-Fry salad Teriyaki glazed (sugary) crispy (probably fried) chicken, wonton crisps (also probably fried). A better choice is the chicken and fruit salad with strawberries, red grapes, mixed greens, grilled chicken, toasted almonds; poppy seed dressing on side.

No. 10:

Even though it sounds so tempting, avoid the warm grilled pita unless you can control your portion size. Avoid burgers, melts and fried shrimp while on a diet at Village Inn.

No. 11:

Enjoy the half slice of Village Inn pie offered or split a pie with a friend. My friends always enjoy the pie by eating the filling but not the crust which is high in fat. The pumpkin pie at Village Inn is especially good if you are eating only the filling. As always, wherever you go, avoid the carrot cake on a diet unless you plan to share with A LOT of friends or can follow the “three bite rule.”

Eating out on a diet at the Village Inn or other pancake houses and pie joints does not have to be boring. It’s all about pie-power!