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New Female Hair Transplant – Learn about them

Before undergoing any female head of hair transplant, grafting, or women tresses restoration surgery it is a good idea to get a woman locks transplant cost from at least two specialists. Fees for woman locks loss therapy will differ tremendously and consequently it truly is a fine concept to do some price comparisons. The expense of the procedure isn’t the a single and only criteria that have to be taken into account, but it really is definitely an crucial factor.

Many females are asking the questions about the uses of the Hair growth products for the growth of the hairs. The transplant of the hairs is not a requirement after the use of the products. You can learn the details about them to have the desired results. 

Previous to evaluating prices for a variety of treatments it can be crucial for you to 1st know about pricing structures when it comes to women head of hair restoration procedures. The correct terminology for wild hair restoration surgery treatment is follicular unit grafting. It is generally a procedure whereby head of hair follicles are removed from the backside with the scalp or occasionally the side with the skull, and relocated by a grafting approach to regions wherever wild hair follicles are either absent or thinning.

A follicle, also referred to as a follicular unit, is simply a single tresses with its accompanying structures, along with a graft is the follicular unit which is surgically placed in a spot in which locks is to be transplanted. A follicle is a person individual hair, but a graft might be 1 wild hair follicle or many wild hair follicles as a unit.

A surgeon that is implanting only one-follicle grafts, or transplants, will probably be grafting fewer complete actual tresses follicles than a health practitioner who’s utilizing multiple-follicle grafts, assuming they’re performing the identical amount of grafts.

Men have head of hair transplants a lot more often than girls for the reason that head of hair decline is more typical in men. Yet, in a excellent quantity of societies you will come across that wild hair loss for ladies may lower self esteem attributable to its embarrassing nature, which is why female wild hair transplant periods will be in a position to offer you wonderful relief for the woman.

When evaluating surgical expenses you happen to be obliged to become aware of the volume of grafts which can be becoming carried out together with all the quantity of hairs which can be going to become grafted. Without knowing both of these numbers you happen to be extremely likely to end up paying additional money for the smaller amount of tresses follicles transplanted. As an example, if a person doctor transplants, or grafts, 2,000 single follicle grafts for $3,000 and yet another medical doctor transplants 2,000 multiple-unit grafts for $4,000, you’ll be spending a lot more money for any smaller volume of grafted hairs towards the initial doctor. It is important to realize “cost per hair,” which can frequently be confusing if you simply take into consideration the volume of grafts which can be transplanted.

A more vital factor to consider is how numerous female wild hair transplant classes are necessary to acquire the desired results. If you’ve a big amount of balding it may possibly call for any few hair grafting sessions to end up with the preferred results. One surgeon may opt for to perform all the grafting during a single incredibly long session whilst a different health practitioner might opt for a number of shorter sessions.

It wasn’t too far back that among the only helpful remedies was using a wig. With today’s enhanced surgical approaches a women hair transplant is going to be an excellent deal much better than in years past. On the other hand, it has to get mentioned that transplants aren’t for every single woman who suffer with locks thinning.

Transplants are usually suggested for females with hereditary conditions labeled as androgenic alopecia, also referred to as female-pattern baldness. Further reasons might be chronic well being issues, autoimmune disorders, thyroid disorders, certain drugs, and also strain and anxiety.

Law Of Attraction The Power Of An Apology – Learn about the power

You know the feeling; that twinge in your chest or stomach that occurs when one of the people closest to you, unexpectedly says or does something that totally catches you off guard. To you, they appear nonchalant or indifferent, as if what occurred was a regular or everyday experience for them. They seem oblivious to the fact that in that instant, they hurt you.

The 55×5 Law of Attraction method is the correct choice available that does not hurt the thoughts of the people. You can know about the power of the law of attraction to get the desired results. A good experience is available to the individuals to have good mental health. 

This is already an uncomfortable scenario, but it becomes more uneasy once you voice your concerns and inform the offending party of their inconsiderate actions. Of course, ego-defense mechanisms go up and the battle begins… a battle of wills: who’s right, who’s wrong, explanations of misunderstandings, who will back down first, who will throw the last stone or must have the last word.

Finally, the stage has been set for an apology to happen, but there’s usually an area in the human emotion that hesitates to apologize in a scenario like the one painted above.

There are 3 primary reasons why it’s important to be apologetic in circumstances where people may be uncomfortable: (1) to release negative emotion, (2) to allow forgiveness and (3) to create a more positive solution.

When you know that you’ve done something wrong to someone, you can feel deeply the stress that holding onto pride in this type of situation does to you. Even though you make rationalizations and excuses for why you ultimately hurt them, there’s a pull at your heart that says to be remorseful. The longer you resist the pull, the more negative energy is stored, thus creating stress in your body. Negative emotions are also aligning you with more negative experiences in the long run depending on how long you stay in those feelings. It is cleansing and very healthy to let go of the ego-driven stress of not apologizing when you know you should.

If you are on the receiving end of an apology, you know how much pressure is lifted off of your heart when you hear the words “I’m sorry” sincerely spoken. For both you and the person expressing remorse, this place is where forgiveness is allowed to extend its salve of healing to the wounds from the discourse. Forgiveness opens up the heart for compassion and love to reside once again, which we know are both very powerful emotions that attract pleasant results.

Once forgiveness is in order, then the two warring souls are at rest and have reached a truce where they can begin to offer better solutions to the problem so that it won’t happen again. Honest and non-judgmental expressions of desires can be made during this time without the risk of being defensive or feeling like your point is being ignored or rejected. Here is the area where creativity can abound and more positive and varied answers to the problem can be reached and accepted.

It’s not always best to have the last word or try and force someone to get where you’re coming from. Let the fists of fury relax and let your spirit speak for you. Usually the last words will be I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, and thank you, four very powerful phrases that allowing an apology invokes. So, the next time you think you’re owed an apology or you don’t want to give someone an apology, release the emotion, allow forgiveness and let the solution flow. It won’t hurt so badly after all.

A look into the world of CBD oil and its benefits 

Cannabidiol is a compound that is found in the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant consists of 32 compounds, and CBD is one of them. CBD is popular and recommended more by doctors to their patients because of its superb health benefits. CBD oil is a product that contains a good amount of CBD. The doctors recommend this the most as this is an effective product and it has so many health benefits. Taking a few drops of CBD oil is enough for a person as it directly affects the health issue from which you are suffering and gives you relief in just a few minutes. CBD also has three variants in it, which are isolated, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum. All of them have different characteristics and are used in different situations.  

Taking CBD oil regularly can be good for your health, and it can also become worse for you. You should take any huile cbd under the guidance of any doctor. This is because it is a powerful drug, and it should be taken very carefully. It can make several side effects on your body if taken in the wrong way. CBD oil gives you relief from every type of pain in your body, either it is external or internal. You can also apply it to the external body parts where you have felt pain. Let’s discuss these benefits in brief from here

  • It helps in giving relief from pain

CBD oil helps give relief from all kinds of pain in our bodies. There are basically two types of pain in our bodies. Both of them hurts us a lot, and we cannot bear them for a long period of time. Internal pain can also result in the death of a person. Doctors recommend the medications to their patients who contain CBD oil in them, and sometimes, they directly ask them to take CBD oil. This is because it has soothing and calming effects, which helps in making our bodies calm and relax. You can also apply the oil on the parts where you are feeling pain externally. This oil gives you relief, and you will get so much energy to fight the pain.

  • It is helpful in reducing anxiety and depression 

Anxiety and depression are some of the alarming health issues these days, and everyone is getting caught in it. CBD oil is not only beneficial for external body issues, but it is also beneficial in resolving internal health issues. The calming effects of CBD oil are good for our brain. CBD oil is helpful in making the receptors work well in our brain. This also helps the nervous system to function well in our body, and the nervous system is connected to the brain, as we all know. IF the brain will work well and stay healthy, then there will be no depression and anxiety in our head, and we can live freely. 

  • Reduce the cancer-related symptoms 

CBD oil successfully reduces the cancer-related symptoms in our body and gives our body soothing effects. There are different types of cancer-related symptoms which take place when cancer is alarming in our body. We all know that cancer is a chronic disease, and it can take a person’s life. It has been proved by so many doctors in the world that CBD oil is beneficial in this situation, and it can help in preventing cancer as well.

Summing up 

CBD oil is the best CBD-based product, and it gives instant effects to a person. There are a lot of health benefits of taking CBD in our body, and we should take it with the consent of our doctor. Some of the health benefits of taking CBD oil have been discussed above; check them out.

Stalking On Relationship Sites – How to choose the right sites

Dating and relationship sites are the perfect place to start when you are looking for love. Unfortunately a lot of people end up getting more than what they originally bargained for. They not only fail to find love and happiness but unfortunately find themselves as victims of cyber stalking. Statistics reveal that women are the ones who end up being stalked more often online. In fact, with the advent of technology, online stalking is now gaining in prevalence compared to real life stalking. Although there is a difference between both forms of stalking, it is worth noting that online stalking and harassment may in the end become real life stalking. Here are certain things you should know about online stalking.

You need to choose the right Transgender Dating Sites for the meeting of the partner for marriage. It is eliminating the requirement of real life stalking for the people. The control is in the hands of the users to find the right person to meet with the needsand expectations. 

The urge to control

In reality most stalkers tend to be men and the majority of victims are women. Stalkers can be ex flames, former intimates or perfect strangers whom you have come across on relationship sites. One similarity between all stalkers is that they feel this strong urge to control their victims and is considered as a power crime whereby the stalker feels immense pleasure in causing pain and dominating his victims.

Email address on relationship sites

Use a separate email address to sign up for relationship sites and make sure that the one you use does not contain your full name. Also, do not give out your full name until you are absolutely certain that the person you are talking to is the right one. Remember that in this media age, with your name only, people can easily look you up on the internet and get all your relevant information. While on dating sites, once again maintain the rule of not using your full name or giving out details regarding your work place, home phone number or cellphone number.

Too much secrecy is not good

Everyone wants his personal life to be guarded, but too much secrecy can be harmful as well. If you have met someone on dating site, share it with some of your friends and family members that you can trust. If you have children, inform them about it. Of course you do not have to tell them every detail of your life; you should at least tell them that there is someone new that you are seeing. Also, when you are going on your first date, always inform someone about your whereabouts and have someone check on you at some point. As a precautionary measure, meet the person in a place you are comfortable and familiar with.

Trust your instincts

Always remain on your guards – do not trust people easily as you may never know who they really are. The moment you sense that there might be something wrong with the person, trust you gut feeling. Either back out from the relationship or do further research on the person before taking one step ahead. For example google up his name, if you know people who live in the same city as him, extract information on him.

Nowadays there are many laws to protect victims of cyber stalking but remember that it is up to you to denounce your stalkers. If someone is harassing you, rather than trying to deal with the situation all by yourself or giving in to the pressure, you should rather seek help.

What Tips Should Be Considered While Buying Jewellery For Women?

Shopping requires research-

Shopping is a need for living because the basic and common things required for a living have to be shopped. For buying anything, a person tries to know and understand how the product is and what all it contains and what things it can be used for. Even for buying very basic things people try to know the varieties available and choose out of it. For example, if a person buys rice, they try to check all the types of available rice and then choose what they want; they check the quality, the size of the grains, the cost, etc. This could be a very common thing where people try to research the product and then what if they go shopping for some costly item. Something which could be expensive and very nice to use and gift, like some jewellery be it artificial or real metal. And specially κοσμηματα γυναικεια jewellery needs a lot of attention to be paid for on little different details.

Don’t risk yourself-

If a person buys real metal jewellery like gold, silver, platinum, or diamond, then they have to a lot more attention to tiny things. They need to know the market rates of the metal, and if a person is buying for themselves, they have a clear vision of what they want and what thing they would be comfortable in, so it becomes a bit easier. But when a person has to buy it for someone else, they need to pay extra attention to everything, be it the design, the jewellery structure because it is required to be comfortable to wear, the small details had to be checked, etc. And this thing not just with κοσμηματα γυναικεια but also with men’s jewellery because their choice and comfort are also as important as women. The jewellery should not be irritating on the skin at any part, it should suit the person and look good, and its design should be something the other person likes.

Know the requirements and then finalize-

Talking about artificial jewellery. It does not require much money, it is very less than real jewellery, but attention is also needed here. Again, if you are buying it for yourself, you have a clear vision of what you require, but if you buy it for someone else, you have to be very precise. You need to know what outfit the person could wear the piece, what colour match they would be needed, or what would look good on them because every piece of jewellery does not look good on everyone. The face shape and body shape also matter here in the case of artificial jewellery. So, there are not many things for men in artificial jewellery, but there are a lot of options of κοσμηματα γυναικεια. So, it is a tough thing that requires a lot of research before buying it because once bought, and it becomes tough to exchange or return these things, be it real or artificial.

Dog Sledding As A Career

Dog Sledding as a Career Dog sledding is an adventurous career and it offers great possibility in ones career. But it is also a very tough career and you should be prepared for the ups and downs of life. The main quality required for dog sledding career is the love for the dogs and the love for this job. When considering for this career you should think what you really want. You can work in a nice office suit or you can choose this hard life full of adventure. Anyone wants to choose dog sledding as a career should think carefully what he really wants in his life. 

Taking dog sledding as a career means you have to work hard for your life and the paying is not much. Sometimes it only offers housing and eating. But even with these limitations people are entering in dog sledding profession. It may seem a bit weird but the main thirst for this job is not the money but the adventure in one’s blood. Another reason to be in this profession is the love for the dogs. It provides the best opportunity to enjoy the free wild nature. So, anyone loves dog or nature can enter in this profession. 

Anyone wants to be a dog handler should have great understanding about the sled dog. He has to understand the feeling of the dogs and also need to learn the verbal command used to control the dogs. New handlers are provided basic training to be a successful handler. When he becomes experienced he can train new puppies to teach them how to pull a cart and to take command from the musher. This is the best way to become close to the sled dogs. This career is perfect for the people who love dog.

It is also possible to work as a musher. Musher is the person who controls the sled dogs to pull the cart. As the necessity of dog sledding for transportation has decreased, now a day’s people are getting in this profession mostly for dog sledding racing. A lot of races are organized every year and the number of participants has increased lately. This has become a very exciting profession and a good musher can earn pretty good. It is the dream of every musher to participate in the Iditarod dog sledding racing as it is the most prestigious event in the world. Musher can also work as a guide in the dog sledding tours arranged by the operators.

The greatest facility of dog sledding career is that you will be in the Arctic region where you can experience the Arctic wilderness. This is a great chance to spend your time with the sled dogs and you can even experience northern light which is called to be most beautiful night view in this world. There is much other career opportunity in this profession. Taking a proper training and equipment from the pet supplies online you can also join as a musher or a handler or a guide. This is the true career of a adventure loving person.

Preventive measures should be taken to protect your dog’s health. This may include vitamins and supplements, heartworm prevention, flea prevention and dental care. Your veterinarian will prescribe the appropriate treatments based on your location and your pet’s individual needs.

Anger and Fighting Fairly in Relationships

Do you end up fighting with your partner? Perhaps regularly going over and over the same old issues which never seem to be resolved effectively and continue to rear their ugly heads time and time again. If you regularly fight or get angry, or even if you stuff away your anger to save you from having to face your own fury or your partner’s reaction to it, then you’ve probably never learned how to resolve your issues effectively. Well, now I will try to give you some insight on how to fight fairly in relationships.

There is reduction in the anger and frustration with the consumption of the natural testosterone booster to get the desired results. The building of the strong relationship to have happy lives is possible. The fighting with the anger is possible to get the desired results. 

It’s Not About Fighting

Actually, to be honest, fighting fairly is actually about resolving your issues and not about fighting – fairly or otherwise. It’s simply about good communication. It’s about knowing that you won’t always agree. But most of all it’s about having the courage to state your wants and needs in a way that will be heard and will most likely get your partner on your side so that he is open to meeting them.

Why Doesn’t Fighting Work?

So, why doesn’t fighting work? Well, when a woman gets angry, that’s a scary business for any man to deal with. Quite frankly, most of them would rather bury their heads than face up to your raw emotions. He will feel attacked by you and that will activate his conditioned patterns for self-defence. These may include attacking right back, becoming cold and unfeeling or completely disappearing out of your way.

Losing Sight of the Real Issues

Whichever happens, I can guarantee that you end up feeling worse. After all, you just want to confirm that he cares, right? But what happens now is that you end up fighting over how unloved and abandoned you now feel and you both lose sight of the original issues. No wonder they come up time and time again and never get dealt with. Can you see how ineffective fighting is now?

Looking Out for Anger

So, what can you do in order to get your needs met without alienating him or triggering these old patterns that lead to fighting and ineffective communication? Firstly you need to keep a look out for anger arising in your relationship and the behavioural patterns that follow. When you become aware of your own behaviour and realise how ineffective it is in getting what you want this gives you the motivation to change. You start to learn the reasons why your anger is triggered and when you see it arising, you have enough mental clarity to stop and think about how to deal with the situation effectively. Your question to yourself should be “What is my anger trying to tell me? What is my problem and how can I resolve it in a way that works?”

Fighting Fairly – How to Communicate

Think and feel. What are your emotions at the time? How do you feel? What is your actual issue and what do you want to happen to resolve it? When you’ve thought about the answers to these questions, and calmed down enough, then it’s time to communicate them to him. Do this without blame and using “I” statements, for example: “When you didn’t call me yesterday after saying that you would, I felt let down and that I wasn’t important enough to you to keep your promise. I would really prefer it if you didn’t say that you were going to call unless you intended to follow through.”

Facing Up to the Real Issues

Your partner will then have to face up to the fact that his action (or lack of it) has caused some hurt inside you and he now has the options to apologise and make things right. Even if he does not act, the real issues are out in the open and both partners know what they are. Of course this will feel scary and it may still trigger the usual patterns of behaviour in him. Your job then is to keep cool, not rise to his arguments and continue to state how you feel and what you want.

Know Yourself

Part of getting to this level of self-awareness is knowing yourself and what is important to you. This may involve some self-investigation and thought. However, this has to be worth the effort if you want a happy relationship. Far too many people go through life expecting others to meet all their needs and then blaming them when they don’t. I can tell you from experience that this will never work. You need to find out for yourself what makes you happy and decide what standards you will and will not tolerate from other people, especially in close relationships.

A New You!

It’s not the disagreements that count but how you both deal with them. Listening to your partner’s point of view is important. But so is realising that he will not always be prepared to meet your needs and that it’s OK to agree to have different opinions. At these times it may be necessary to compromise, or with important issues, it may even tell you that you should not be with this person at all.

Will it be easy to make these changes? No, you will find yourself slipping back into old patterns or being dragged back down by your partner’s behaviour. But with practice your whole style of communication of issues can change. The first time you find yourself staying cool and assertive you will be amazed at the change and at the power you feel inside you. Why not experiment with this and see if it works for you? And, eventually, you will be able to let go of anger altogether because you will be confident in your ability to resolve your issues without it. That is personal power and the only way to “fight fairly”!

Tips In Buying An Apartment

After a while in the rental company, you’ll realize that instead of wasting money on rent month after month, you should invest in a house or apartment. If you’re about to buy your first apartment, this article will walk you through a checklist of items to examine before you buy. I wrote this list because I plan to buy an apartment for myself in the future, and I want to be aware of everything I should know before doing so in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and, of course, to invest wisely in my future.

Before you buy, do some market research to ensure you’re getting a good deal. Consult with independent appraisers and real estate agents, and look at previous sales in the neighborhood. Don’t take the developer’s or their agent’s advise. This is especially significant if you are purchasing a home based on plans. You want to know that the finished apartment will be worth at least as much as you spent for it. Choose the neighborhood where you want to buy an apartment. This could entail spending time in the area or at the very least conducting research at home. Visit as many locations as possible in search of properties that meet your criteria so you can have a fair picture of what your money can buy.

Consider whether the building is close to bars, cafes, or other live music venues while choosing an apartment. Is there a lot of passing traffic – will it be noisy at rush hour? Will the loudness have an impact on your way of life? Before you agree to the purchase, it’s a good idea to schedule an examination of the building in the evening or during rush hour traffic. Now that I live near a nonstop bar, folks occasionally get drunk and create a lot of noise late at night. Check to see if the property you’re interested in is close to the amenities you’ll need, such as shops, public transportation, parks, hospitals, schools, work, a gym, and so on. If you want to make some money, this is a great tip.

What is the age of the structure? You should think about the building’s age. Is it likely that any facilities will need to be repaired or replaced? Before making a purchase decision, it is strongly advised that you seek a building report from an architect or engineer. Check to see if the property you’re interested in is close to the amenities you’ll need, such as shops, public transportation, parks, hospitals, schools, work, a gym, and so on. If you want to make some money, this is a great tip.

What are the costs of maintenance? When purchasing a new apartment, many individuals overlook this factor. The municipal tax, property tax, assessment tax, water charges, common energy prices, elevator rates, and charges for hired help, such as waste cleaners and security, will all be covered. Find out how much the maintenance fee is, as well as what is included and what is no longer included in the fee. Car parking fees, for example, may be distinct.

This is a crucial question to ask if you own an automobile. Will there be parking available, and will you have to pay for it? Check with the apartment’s seller to see if you will be able to use his or her parking space. If your former owner did not own a car, contact with the society secretary and request a parking spot. Now I’m confident that some of my readers will have some useful advice to contribute on this subject. Please leave a comment with a suggestion or piece of advice, and the most useful ones will be published in this article with your name and website. For more details, you can also check tulum apartments for sale.

Is There Any Way To Link Your Epic Account To Other Platforms?

One of the major issues that all games lover face while playing different games on different platforms is that they need to log in to a new account or the platform account to play their game. There are multiple hosts who are all set to deliver the best games for the gamers, and they do it well by providing you all of them. But it is extremely difficult for a person to buy accounts of all the platforms and play the games with a different unique id. Playing each game with a new account can be really very much dangerous for you, and one thing that you are supposed to do is to find the correct way in which you could link all the platforms with your Epic account!

Linking with epic account

Earlier it was near too impossible for a person to link their Epic account with all the platforms as the platforms didn’t allow them to do so. But now things have changed, and the game developers also understand that it is really very much difficult for a person to go and use one new account for all the games they are interested in playing. So what will be best for the people is that they should probably go ahead and look for the steps through which they could easily link their epic account with all other platforms.

The process

Here is the simple process that you should follow to link your epic account with all other platforms, and hence it is the way in which you can enjoy your gaming to the next level.

  • Create your account:- 

Well, before you start the gaming or before you start the linking of your account, it is mandatory that you have one account with you first. The epic account is the type of free account that is being offered by Fortnite by using which you can log in to various gaming platforms and play all the games you like over there. You need to create this account on the platform by providing all the information that they ask for, or you can also buy Fortnite Accounts for Sale. The accounts available for sale can have many things pre-loaded, and you can make a high profit by purchasing them for your personal use!

  • Log-in to Epic’s Website:- 

Once you have created your account or even if you own an account previously, it is time that you log in to your account on the website. For this process, you will not have to make a lot of effort, and the best that you could do is to search for the Epic website on your device and click on the sign-in link on the homepage.

  • Search for your username:- 

After logging in to the platform, you will have to search for the username on the platform. Yes, once a person logs in into his or her account, they will need to look for their user name on the home page. The username will have several options in it, and that is the only way in which you could link your account to all other platforms.

  • Click on accounts:-

 Under your username, you will find many options, and you will have to click on the accounts option mentioned there. The accounts options will provide you the space to link your accounts over there, and hence you can surely link your epic account with all other types of gaming platforms.

By following this simple and straightforward process, you could be on the way to link all your platforms from to the epic account that you are looking for!

Electric Smokeless Cigarettes

With cigarette smoking quickly becoming a very unpopular thing to do in many social circles and coupled with the many restrictions being placed upon smokers nowadays concerning where they can and cannot smoke, many smokers have begun turning to what is known as the electronic smokeless cigarette. Not only does electronic smoking provide smokers with a cleaner, less harmful, more convenient alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, it also happens to be much cheaper.

Anyone who can’t – or doesn’t want to – stop smoking, can still enjoy the habit without having to worry about the damaging side effects that are produced by the additional substances found in the tobacco used in regular cigarettes. No more tar, carcinogenic additives, or dangerous secondhand smoke with the electronic cigarette. By eliminating tobacco and using vape juice instead, smokers are able to enjoy a safer cigarette with fewer health problems.

Electronic cigarettes simply deliver inhaled doses of nicotine to the smoker by way of a vaporized propylene glycol/nicotine solution that is inhaled (referred to as ‘vaping’) just as you would inhale the smoke from tobacco cigarettes. This nicotine is stored in ‘flavor cartridges’ and when subjected to an electric charge is transformed into a vapor.

Because there is no smoke or smell associated with the electric smokeless cigarette, electronic smoking – vaping – may be enjoyed in restaurants, on public transport, in shopping centers, and on airplanes, in most cases. They may also be safely used within the home, without subjecting children, pets, and loved ones to dangerous secondhand smoke.

The electronic cigarette is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and easier to use. They are also considerably cheaper to use than regular cigarettes, and there is no mess, no ash, no stained fingers, and no holes burnt in your clothes or carpet from accidentally dropping a lit cigarette.

One very popular brand of electronic smokes, Blu cigs, is proving to be one of the top-selling brands amongst cigarette smokers. Some of the things that make Blu cigarettes stand out from many other brands of e-cigarettes include their presentation, their clear and concise instructions on how to use Blu cigs, and the ease with which smokers can use the packs.

Their attention to detail puts blu cigs a step above any other electronic cigarette company out there. For example, the ability to be able to use either a wall outlet or a USB connection to charge your pack and batteries is one detail that makes it even more simple to use Blu cigarettes. The LED light on the end of the battery will even flash when you are overdoing it on the nicotine and also when you need to switch batteries.

If you have tried any of the other methods of trying to quit smoking, you probably know that every single one of them leaves you craving cigarettes like crazy. I smoked cigarettes for more than 30 years, and for many of those years, I smoked 2 packs a day. I’ve tried the gum, patches, Chantix, and quitting cold turkey – all to no avail. I have been using Blu cigs for a year, and I am honestly shocked that I have absolutely no desire for a cigarette. In fact, I actually feel like I’m still a smoker because of the nicotine and vaping, which is so similar to smoking.

The biggest difference now is that I don’t have to plan my entire life around where I can go to smoke, I don’t have the shortness of breath I had before, I don’t smell like an ashtray, and I’m saving about $190.00 every 30 days. Can anybody say “NO BRAINER”?

Even though you still get the nicotine with your Blu cigarettes (if you choose to), I can’t tell you how wonderful it is, after so many years of dragging around that tobacco ‘ball and chain’, to know that I am not starting every day of my life off by assaulting my lungs with tar and other deadly chemicals.

What All Is Included And How Much Do Blu Cigs Cost?

In addition to the exclusive ‘Blu pack’, the Blu starter kit comes with everything you will need to begin your vaping experience right away. One battery plus a spare are included, as well as one atomizer and a spare. You also receive one wall charger and one USB charger that can be used to recharge your battery via your computer or laptop.

Your first variety carton of 25 cartridges (the equivalent of about 150 cigarettes) in the strength of your choice, is included with your kit – for free. You can choose whether you want your cartridges to be full flavor, light, ultra-light, or even non-nicotine.

When it’s time to order more cartridges, you will have a choice of Cherry Crush, Magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, Vivid Vanilla, or the Blu classic tobacco cartridge, which all taste great!

At the time of this review, the cost of Blu’s starter pack is $69.95 – a steal compared to the cost of tobacco cigarettes – and the replacement parts are inexpensive as well. Each carton of flavor cartridges (equal to about 150 cigarettes) costs $25, the chargers and exclusive packs are $9.95 each, and the batteries and atomizers are each two for $9.95. Blu offers free shipping and a 30 day return policy.

On a personal note, at 2 packs of cigarettes a day, I was purchasing a carton every 5 to 6 days at approximately $40.00 each (cheap compared to prices up North, but still expensive). That adds up to between $200 and $240 per month. Since I started Blu cigs one month ago, I have used 2 cartons of cartridges, one of which came free with the starter kit. Even if I had purchased both cartons, that would be a total of $50. plus tax.