Learn All About Transitional Relationships

Feelings are complicated things. People make messy decisions due to it. Feelings also drive relationships and decide the way it proceeds. While relationships could take many turns, a transition phase is remarkable. Hence, many people undergo transitional relationships.

A transitional relationship often comes after a break up from a long-term relationship, which usually devastates a person. Transitional relationships do not necessarily come after a long-term relationship and can also come after a short-term, serious relationship. There are many more aspects to transitional relationships, as we shall discuss later.

What are the signs of a transitional relationship?

Transitional or rebound relationships result from breakups transitioning into move-on fastly, which might not necessarily happen. However, mixed emotions and the urge to move on quickly is also the root of transitional relationship because people do not want to flow in the wave of depression or sadness for too long. You might not always recognize when a person is in a transitional relationship with you if you have a new relationship. 

Hence, knowing the signs of a transitional relationship is necessary as you might have a false intuition that your partner is in a serious relationship with you. Here are a few signs that might help you recognize and decide

  • You feel your relationship is moving too fast or in a rush.
  • Your partner was in a serious relationship before you and broke up recently.
  • All you hear them talk about is their ex or not find them talking about their ex.
  • Your partner gives more importance to sex rather than opening up emotionally. They might expect you to be sexually best and better in bed. You can read about Performer 8 medicines for the same.
  • They take the relationship as a way to make their ex jealous and show off to people around.
  • You get mixed signals from your partner and can not draw a conclusion.
  • Your partner mostly admires you for the attention you give them.
  • You are not a part of the inner circle of your partner. You have not been with their family and friends much.
  • Your partner avoids long-term decisions regarding the relationship.

Hence, these signs might help you decipher if you are in a transitional relationship with your partner and not in a serious relationship.

Is a transitional relationship healthy?

Transitional relationships do not have a strong base in most cases. It is a means to forget the previous relationship and move on. Hence, there is no real connection between the partners in a transitional relationship. So people in transitional relationships usually bypass the cycle of grief or detox period. It creates an imbalance in the current relationship, which might solely be for attention or sex. Hence, people must avoid getting into transitional relationships as it might make things more toxic in their lives. 

Rebound relationships are usually short-lived. It ends as soon as people find someone they can move on with or get over their feelings for their ex. Hence, you know how a transitional relationship works.