Know Everything About The Working Of A Gravity Bong!

Gravity bongs are easy to make, yet they produce some of the most intense hits you can get. It’s all about gravity and pressure!

If you are looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite weed, then a gravity bong might be the answer. These bongs work by utilizing gravity to create a powerful vacuum in order to draw cannabis through the hose.

However, it isn’t just any old gravity bong that will do the trick. There are different types of gravity bong designs that have been engineered specifically with certain marijuana strains or even specific methods of using them in mind.

A gravity bong may not be the best choice if you like to smoke a variety of weed strains, but if you are simply interested in smoking one particular type of bud and want to find the perfect gravity bong for you, this article should help you out.

How a Gravity Bong Works

The basic concept behind a gravity bong is pretty simple – it uses gravity to pull the smoke from a bowl up into a chamber where it gets filtered and cooled.

In order to achieve this, the bong has a long tube attached to a bowl at the bottom. The bowl sits on top of a water reservoir, which is connected to the tube via a small filter. A pump is used to force the smoke from the bowl into the tube. At the end of the tube is a glass piece that acts as an airlock, allowing fresh oxygen-free air to enter the chamber.

When the smoke passes through the airlock, the negative pressure inside the chamber pulls the smoke up the tube until it reaches its maximum height. Once it has reached its peak, it falls back down to collect in the bowl again. This process repeats itself until you stop inhaling.

It is important to note that these bongs are designed to only be used with dry herb (flowers) and no other products such as concentrates. If you use anything else, you risk burning yourself.

There are also a couple of things to consider when choosing a gravity bong. First, the size of the bowl should be relatively large compared to your hand so that you don’t lose too much heat while smoking. Second, the length of the tube should be long enough to allow enough time for you to inhale the smoke and also to keep your hands above the surface of the water without burning themselves.

Now that we know how a gravity bong works, let’s look at what makes this product so unique.

Different Types Of Gravity Bongs

If you are a beginner and consuming a Top rated bongs for the first time then you should inhale it with a certain limit. If you will consume it in high dosage then it will become addictive on your body. Inhaling and exhaling smoke should be done in a right way. As a reason, if the dosage of THC will become higher then it will stick on your lungs. While there are many different types of gravity bongs available today, these three are the most popular. They are also considered to be the most effective.

1. Water Bong

This is a very common gravity bong design, although it does require some maintenance. In essence, this type of bong consists of a bowl made of plastic or glass sitting on top of a water source. The bowl sits on a base that connects to a tube.

The tube leads to an airlock at the end, which allows fresh clean air to flow into the chamber. When smoked, the smoke travels up the tube, enters the chamber, filters through the airlock, and exits the chamber at the same point as it entered. As a result, this gravity bong produces a much stronger hit than a traditional gravity bong.

However, because of the constant contact between the smoke and the water, this type of bong requires cleaning more often. Additionally, it is harder to regulate the temperature of the smoke due to having both air and water in the chamber.

2. Glass Bong

Glass bongs are usually made from clear, durable glass pieces that connect directly to a tube and an airlock. They are extremely versatile, and you can use them with either dry herb or concentrates.

They are also very easy to maintain. All you need to do is rinse out the bowl every few days, and the airlock should last for years.

3. Portable Gravity Bong

Portable gravity bongs are usually constructed from stainless steel and aluminum, although this material choice doesn’t necessarily indicate quality. Regardless, portable gravity bongs are great for outdoor activities.

These bongs are typically built with a larger bowl, a longer tube, and a wider airlock. They are also equipped with a removable lid to ensure safety during transport. With these features, you can expect a potent and enjoyable hit whenever you decide to take one outside.

Additionally, portable gravity bongs tend to be lighter than their glass counterparts. While this may mean that they aren’t as sturdily built, it does save weight and can sometimes make them easier to carry around.

With that said, if you plan to leave your gravity bong outdoors regularly, you should consider investing in a stainless steel, leakproof container. You can find these containers at most local hardware stores for less than $10. They are sturdy, lightweight, and easy to clean.

How To Choose A Gravity Bong

Choosing the right gravity bong for your needs can seem daunting at first. That’s why we have created this guide for you! We have divided our recommendations based on user experience, strain preference, and personal taste. Hopefully, this helps you determine the gravity bong that would suit you best.

For those who prefer dry herb only, you probably won’t enjoy the benefits of a portable gravity bong. However, if you are someone who enjoys both concentrates and dry herb, then a glass gravity bong may be ideal for you. This is especially true if you live in a warmer climate where concentrates don’t really hold up well.

For people who enjoy dry herb, a portable gravity bong is likely going to give you the best bang for your buck. But if you are someone who likes concentrates, you should opt for a glass gravity bong instead. This is because portable gravity bongs are better suited for dry herb than concentrates.

Finally, if you are someone who prefers a low-maintenance product, you should definitely go with a glass gravity bong. Although it will still require occasional rinsing, you can easily clean it with hot water to avoid contamination.

With that being said, keep reading below to learn which gravity bong is right for you.