Is There Any Way To Link Your Epic Account To Other Platforms?

One of the major issues that all games lover face while playing different games on different platforms is that they need to log in to a new account or the platform account to play their game. There are multiple hosts who are all set to deliver the best games for the gamers, and they do it well by providing you all of them. But it is extremely difficult for a person to buy accounts of all the platforms and play the games with a different unique id. Playing each game with a new account can be really very much dangerous for you, and one thing that you are supposed to do is to find the correct way in which you could link all the platforms with your Epic account!

Linking with epic account

Earlier it was near too impossible for a person to link their Epic account with all the platforms as the platforms didn’t allow them to do so. But now things have changed, and the game developers also understand that it is really very much difficult for a person to go and use one new account for all the games they are interested in playing. So what will be best for the people is that they should probably go ahead and look for the steps through which they could easily link their epic account with all other platforms.

The process

Here is the simple process that you should follow to link your epic account with all other platforms, and hence it is the way in which you can enjoy your gaming to the next level.

  • Create your account:- 

Well, before you start the gaming or before you start the linking of your account, it is mandatory that you have one account with you first. The epic account is the type of free account that is being offered by Fortnite by using which you can log in to various gaming platforms and play all the games you like over there. You need to create this account on the platform by providing all the information that they ask for, or you can also buy Fortnite Accounts for Sale. The accounts available for sale can have many things pre-loaded, and you can make a high profit by purchasing them for your personal use!

  • Log-in to Epic’s Website:- 

Once you have created your account or even if you own an account previously, it is time that you log in to your account on the website. For this process, you will not have to make a lot of effort, and the best that you could do is to search for the Epic website on your device and click on the sign-in link on the homepage.

  • Search for your username:- 

After logging in to the platform, you will have to search for the username on the platform. Yes, once a person logs in into his or her account, they will need to look for their user name on the home page. The username will have several options in it, and that is the only way in which you could link your account to all other platforms.

  • Click on accounts:-

 Under your username, you will find many options, and you will have to click on the accounts option mentioned there. The accounts options will provide you the space to link your accounts over there, and hence you can surely link your epic account with all other types of gaming platforms.

By following this simple and straightforward process, you could be on the way to link all your platforms from to the epic account that you are looking for!