How To Feel Powerful As A Woman

We are in full Spring and I’m pretty sure many of you have already started flaunting their most favorite clothing items, be it a pretty dress, a little skirt, or a fit pair of jeans. Spring fashion may be the best as it’s all about light, pastel colors, and sheer fabrics. But sometimes, as women, we may get a bit conscious when it comes to egirl fashion.  Ending up avoiding all that prettiness, thanks to those dreadful leaks or even worse, periods. We simply can’t really enjoy those gorgeous pieces as we should. Don’t despair though, there’s help for us and it’s as pretty and fashionable as ourselves. A true fashionista has to go out in style, head to toes!

Here’s how to feel powerful as a woman with U by Kotex®

I got the chance to experience U by Kotex® and it helped tremendously, allowing me to wear all of my favorite outfits with confidence and a smile. I could really enjoy this pretty dress I’ve recently purchased, without worrying about small, insignificant stuff like occasional, unforeseeable leaks.

I’m also very much in love with my rather old but super comfy jeans I obsessively wear at Springtime as you could tell and I am now able to enjoy them even more.

U by Kotex® also helps with practicing my favorite Pilates moves with much more confidence, allowing me to focus on the true reason I love doing this in the first place: inner peace and balance.

U by Kotex® offers a full line of feminine care products for periods and leaks including pads, liners, and tampons, outstanding protection that keeps you one step ahead. The new U by Kotex line is available in brightly colored and eye-catching designs, encouraging women to be themselves, confident and powerful.

U by Kotex is featuring 3D Capture Core, a one-of-a-kind center that locks away wetness to help stop leaks, available in Cleanwear® pads, AllNighter® pads, and Security pads. They’ve got you covered with super-soft sides for comfort and are designed to move with your body. They’ve got uniquely shaped wings that help prevent bunching and also feature a soft and breathable cover with soft sides. The adhesive is also very good, the pad stays in place and doesn’t unstick or shift around. A few other features include unscented ultra-thin period pads for women (free of artificial scents and fragrances) and easy-open wrappers in four fearless designs.