Flower Arrangements- Funeral Matter

There are times in life when sorrow engulfs you to the brim and you’re left with little choice but to move on so let’s not sink beneath anguish but battle the trials and tribulations that life brings in its wake.

Sad occasions on life are varied but when it takes the form of a tragedy, it is all consuming to everyone that becomes a part of it in one way or another and none more so than when you lose a loved one.

Once a person dies, he/she is either cremated or buried based on the religion they come from but one thing common in both forms of funeral is that mourners carry a bouquet of flowers or wreaths to express their grief to the family members that have to go through this irreparable loss.

Last Glimpse

Whether you go for sympathy flowers Singapore or US, the arrangements have to be of topnotch quality so that it gives a sense of comfort to the deceased’s family even though nothing can compensate for their loss.

A sympathy flower is smaller in size compared to a wreath but both have the same emotion more or less and therefore you need to choose and send flowers that go well with such a sad occasion.

The difference between a sympathy flower and wreath is that the former is usually for colleagues and friends that aren’t as emotionally close to the departed soul as blood relatives so they take them while the latter can be carried by extremely close friends that are akin to family.

However, this theory is greatly disputed as nowadays almost everyone, irrespective of friend or family, carries a wreath to express their grief so as to indicate solidarity with the family in their hour of grief.

Flowers have a long history to their name as mankind has cultivated them in different hues and quantities for centuries but you might not have taken flowers to a funeral so let’s look at certain points that need to be ascertained.

Nowadays you can place online orders for flowers by going to the official website of the best florist shop in town and selecting the color of preference although most people go for red, black, and white.

Now if you’re going to a Hindu, Islamic or Jewish funeral it’s different as flowers are not the norm in them so make sure that it is appropriate to bring them along but Christian funerals are most prominent in the western world then it is liable to go for them.

Take care of budget issues while choosing a florist because the best one might also be the most expensive and you may not afford the price and we all know that flower arrangements vary from being extremely cheap to quite exorbitant.

There are different flowers to choose from like white lilies are for peace, rebirth and innocence while roses are to express love and grief whereas orchids solely for love and so on.

Finally, comes the note where you pen down some beautiful lines as epitaph to describe the greatness of the person and what he meant to you and his family.