Essential tips to Have Success in Bedwars While in Minecraft

The Bed Wars from Minecraft is one of the greatest classics of the game. Whether you want to discover it or rediscover it, in this article, we offer you the basics of its gameplay. Take your sword, and let’s storm the opposing beds!

Minecraft: Bed Wars Guide

If you like to play Minecraft in multiplayer, you can’t miss the Bed Wars mode. Classic among classics, this game mode will have you spawning on an island with a bed. Your goal will be to protect it at all costs while destroying those of the opposing teams. Indeed, as long as your bed survives, you will reappear after being dead. If you die and it’s been destroyed, it’s game over! Solo or in a team, you will need to collect resources and upgrade your equipment to win with Superalts.

Origins of the Bed Wars mod

Bed Wars mode appeared fairly early on in Minecraft. This survival game can be played both solo and in a team, and many servers have their own version of the game, such as Hypixel, for example, where it has been present since June 2017.

The oldest will remember the Rush mode created by xisumavoid in 2012 and the frenzied parts of Aypierre and the Patricks. This has evolved a lot since then, but the principle remains the same: protect your bed and destroy that of your opponents!

The basics of gameplay

In this article, we will be based on the version on the Hypixel server, but you can find almost identical gameplay on the other versions. In Bed Wars, players spawn on an island in teams of one to 4 players. The number of teams in each game will vary according to your preferences, but most of the time will be between 4 and 8. On each island, you will always have a bed, a resource generator, and a store to buy upgrades, equipment, and various blocks. Accustomed to the classic game, be careful, there is no question of making crafts in this mode! You will collect items and other equipment directly from the stores. You’ll always have at least one wooden sword in your inventory to defend yourself, but don’t worry, you’ll be able to upgrade it pretty quickly with Superalts.

The resources

Your resource generator will spawn iron on a regular basis and gold a little less frequently. By upgrading it, you can also collect emeralds which will allow you to purchase more powerful upgrades and items.

To reach the other islands and protect your bed, you will need to buy blocks that you can find in the shop. The wool is easily accessible from the start and will mainly serve you to reach the other islands. All equipment and weapon upgrades are available from merchants on your island in exchange for your resources. Take some time to get a better sword or armor if you feel like you need a boost in the game!

The beds

Your beds, like those of your opponents, are placed at the front of your island and are therefore easily attacked. You must protect them with blocks. If you can use wool available easily and in large numbers, you probably prefer more solid materials like wood or Endstone. To best protect your bed, you can rely on Obsidian, but you will need to collect a lot of resources to be able to buy enough!