Does boosting testosterone level helps to cure depression ?

Today, depression is a common term. Out of 10, 5 to 6 are suffering from acute or major depressive disorders. This is due to the less testosterone; there are many reasons. Some of them are due to trauma, excess use of alcohol or smoking, prolonged illness, family issues, and much more. But what’s up with testosterone and depression? 

So, a question arises from the title. Therefore, to answer the question, some points like depression definition, statistics, and benefits of booster pills are covered in this article. Stay tuned and read the full article. 

Depression in brief and some medical statistics

Depression is about one’s mood and feelings. Depression is a major medical, mental illness. It is hard to predict whether someone is suffering from deep stress or anxiety. These days, it is one of the common diseases. And it can occur at any age. However, depression has three levels: Mild, Moderate, and severe. 

Although depressions can be caused by accidental trauma, prolonged illness, family history, increased level of stress, alcoholic or smoking problems, erectile dysfunction, etc.

Well, let’s look at some common statistics which is important to look at: 

  • On average, about 0.5 to 0.6 percent of adult depression report comes up. Among them are mostly women. 
  • The leading cause of major health problems.
  • Depression is the major cause of suicidal activities.
  • Every year, among the age group of 18 to 21 years, youngsters suffering from major depression than the other age groups are reported. 

Why is a good level of testosterone needed for proper body functioning? 

A good testosterone level helps in muscle growth, maintaining weight, storing fats, bone density, helps to stay active, pubic hair growth, etc. not only do men need to maintain the testosterone level but women who are pregnant need to have a good testosterone level for fetus development. It is also known as the sex hormone, and it drives out libido immensely in men. 

It is a versatile hormone that looks after the overall growth of development in men and women. But having fewer testosterone levels can cause erectile dysfunction in men, lethargic, inactive, and keeps them irritated all the time due to less sexual drive. Thus, it leads to depression. 

How do boosting pills help to fight depression? 

Men who have erectile dysfunction disease or, in short, ED are more likely to have depression. Extreme stress and anxiety make them irritated and inactive to do any physical activity. However, taking testosterone boosting pills such as the testosterone enanthate helps get back the adequate testosterone level in the body. 

Let’s look at some of the boosting pills seeming benefits: 

  • The first benefit of having boosting pills is that it helps store good fats while eliminating bad fats accumulation in the body. 
  • Secondly, it increases strength and agility while boosting physical endurance.
  • Thirdly, it keeps energy levels inactive and helps to last long in sexual activity.
  • Fourthly, testosterone levels balance the mood and produce feel-good hormones after good sex. 
  • Lastly, it can be used as a supplement by gyming personals dedicated to faster muscle growth.

Good testosterone levels help a person stay active and do numerous physical activities such as exercise, yoga, etc. thus; it automatically drives out extreme stress or any anxiety.

Therefore, good testosterone levels are important in many ways. From fat distribution to boosting energy, it looks after all bodily needs. However, before taking any boosting pills such as the testosterone enanthate, it is important to consult a personal physician or diet expert.