Bodyblding Diet Without Counting Calories – How to burn the calories

In the last part of this article series I have completed the treatment of the theme of food selection and occupied myself with the order of the food during a meal and the pre-saturation. This part of the article series is a kind of melting pot for some topics that would fit into it properly in any of the previous parts, but still should not go unmentioned. This involves tips against acute hunger and appetite as well as the ever-popular cheat days and cheat meals. With the announced in the last part of this article series ” dark side” of the diet, with which I shall deal in this part, I meant, of course, the cardio workout, with the many diet end combines a love-hate relationship.

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Tips against hunger and appetite between meals

There will always be once again happen that you planned between two meals get hungry or appetite. Usually this hunger disappears after some time all by themselves. However, if you have problems to survive this period, it may be useful to have some tricks up his sleeve, with which one can reduce the short term this hunger or appetite, at least.

For many people it is already sufficient if they drink one or two large glasses of water or a comparable amount of other calorie-free beverage. A coffee ( please, no sugar and just a dash of milk) can sell for some time in many hunger. Of course you can alternatively also take a low calorie vegetable snack like something raw peppers or other low-calorie, high-fiber vegetables.

Anyone with “harder” auxiliary middle has no problems, can also experiment with over the counter fat burners or appetite inhibitors, to find out what itself acts thereof at him most effectively against hunger.

Anyone who knows me knows that my personal favorite is against hunger between meals from a nicotine chewing gum. There are even some scientific studies that show that a nicotine chewing gum can increase the metabolic rate by almost 10 % in conjunction with 50 to 100 mg of caffeine. Of course, this increase in metabolic rate is not permanent, which is why one should not make too many illusions regarding a significant increase in daily calorie consumption. For the effects of nicotine chewing gum against hunger is stronger and exceeds most of what else I know in this direction.

If you want to rely on nicotine gum, then you should start with nicotine gum with a maximum of 1 mg of nicotine per chewing gum, because one can by the nicotine to make you ill otherwise. One should not forget that nicotine is a poison, even if nicotine gum as opposed to smoking does not cause cancer. If you want it a little cheaper, you can also nicotine gum containing 4 mg nicotine, buy which are hardly expensive than nicotine gum with 1 mg of nicotine and these quarters and chew together with a common sugar-free gum.