Blue Sky Credit Card From American Express

For the first two years of existence, the American Express credit card was by invitation only. In addition, the people who were invited to apply needed excellent credit and perfect payment history. Because of this, the early American Express credit card was carried by celebrities, politicians, and wealthy individuals. However, to keep up with the competition, things evolved over the years to the point that today, anyone with excellent credit can apply for this prestigious card and people with bad credit score look for Cvv Shop as they try to find the best alternative to this credit card. 

Founded in 1850, American Express is actually just one of 30 components associated with the Dow Jones Industrial Average, a company known primarily for credit cards although it also offers charge cards and traveler checks. Today, American Express has a variety of credit cards for both personal and business use, which are designed to offer low credit, low fees, and outstanding benefits.

A perfect example of American Express on the market now is the Blue Sky credit card by American Express. With this, you would enjoy payment flexibility, something that is unique from the way payments were originally established. For instance, the way credit cards were designed initially is that the entire balance had to be paid within 30 days. This card also has a six-month introductory period with a 0% Annual Percentage Rate, no annual fee, and balance transfer capability.

A benefit of choosing the Blue Sky credit card by American Express is that purchases made with the card can be transferred to free travel. With a rewards program, you could enjoy travel without worrying about restrictions or blackout dates. In addition to air travel discounts, the rewards program of the Blue Sky credit card by American Express is good for hotel accommodations and car rentals. At the end of the introductory period, the regular Annual Percentage Rate changes to 17.24% to 21.24% variable.

Another version of the Blue Sky credit card by American Express is the Preferred card. With this card, once 7,500 rewards points have accumulated, they could be redeemed for a $100 credit on the account statement. In addition, the Blue Sky Preferred credit card provides two times the points for dining out, hotel accommodations, and rental cars. Then for all other purchases, you would earn one point. This card also boasts a $100 annual Airline Allowance, which helps to cover the cost of luggage, as well as other in-flight incidentals. Just like the other Blue Sky credit card, this too has a six-month 0% Annual Percentage Rate introductory period.