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Whether you prefer a pre roll or not, it’s important that your cannabis is consistent. If you’re using CBD products in your CBD pre-rolls, you want the flavor and consistency of those same products. This is where many people get tripped up. You want to take care of your pre rolls so you don’t have to worry about them being inconsistent later on down the road. To help out with this, we’ve put together some tips to get you started. 

The first thing to do is to make sure you’re using high quality CBD oil. The main reason why people are having issues with pre-roll consistency and flavor is because they’re using low quality cannabis. In order for your pre rolls to be as consistent as possible, you want to use cannabis that has been tested at over 90% THC levels (or less than 10% if you’re only going for the benefits). 

A good way to test the quality of your cannabis before making your pre rolls is to use a simple smoke test. Take a small amount of your cannabis and add it to a bowl. Add one drop of water then light it on fire. After the flame goes out, see how long the burn lasts. If you can keep the flame burning for longer than 5 seconds, then you know your cannabis has good quality.


It’s also important to note that some strains may smell better than others. Some will smell more like skunk while others may smell more fruity, sweet, or floral. Just because it smells great doesn’t mean it’s going to be good quality. Try testing a couple different strains and see which ones you like best. There’s nothing wrong with trying new things every now and then! 

Now that you’ve got a high quality strain, you need to find a container to store it in. It’s important that you find something that will protect your cannabis from moisture. A glass jar should work well for storing your weed. If you live somewhere cold, it might be a good idea to seal it in plastic wrap or even place it in an airtight bag to keep it dry. 

Once you’ve found your container, you’ll need to find a way to evenly distribute the bud throughout the container. A good idea would be to start off with a little bit of weed and then fill in the rest of the space until all of the buds are covered in oil. 

If you’ve never made pre rolls before, you might feel intimidated by the process of doing so. Don’t be scared though. Once you understand how to prepare all of the components, it won’t seem too complicated. Here’s what you need to know: 

1) Find a paper towel roll. You’ll use this to roll your joint into after you’ve soaked the herb with oil. 

2) Find a rolling pin. You’ll use this to roll out your paper towel so that it’s as thin as possible. 

3) Find a metal screen. This will be used to filter out any seeds that haven’t been properly ground up. 

4) Find the herb grinder. This will be used to grind the herb into a fine powder. 

5) Find the rolling machine. This is the piece of equipment that makes rolling joints all the easier. 

6) Find the oil bottle. You’ll use this to soak your rolled papers in oil. 

7) Find a lighter and match. These two items will be used to light your rolled papers when you’re ready to smoke them. 

You probably already have most of these items stored away in your house. All you have to do now is combine them together. Start by taking your herb grinder and grinding up your weed. Then, pour your herb into your paper towel roll and allow it to sit for around 20 minutes. While it sits, you can set up your rolling machine. When it comes time to roll, simply place your herbs in the middle of your rolling machine, turn it on, and begin turning the crank. Keep turning it until you’ve finished rolling your joint. Place the joint in your oiled rolled paper and begin smoking.

To make your own pre-moved joints, here’s another tip: Utilize a bong rather than a line. Bongs are commonly more straightforward to clean and will give you a cleaner hit. Furthermore, there’s no possibility of debris stalling out in your mouth in the event that you utilize a bong.

These tips are only the start of our manual for further developing weed pre-roll consistency and flavor. To find out more, look at our article on the best strategies to remove cannabinoids from marijuana.

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