6 tips and tricks to serve your cat CBD Oil

In recent years, CBD has made a sturdy position in the list of most popular health supplements used for humans and animals. Research shows that the active components of CBD help cats and dogs to deal with anxiety as well as release pain.  Therefore using CBD oil for your favorite furry animal has become a new trend. This guide will be beneficial for all the pet owners who are inclining towards natural remedies to give their cats a happy and healthy life. 

An introduction to CBD

Formed in Cannabis plants, Cannabidiol or CBD is the most profound chemical substance that provides long-term psychic effects when taken in the right amount. According to US law, all the market sold CBD products should have as little as 0.3% of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC to prevent any adverse effects of this supplement on the users. CBD joint has a crucial role in maintaining mental and physical health, such as lowering chronic pain, boosting energy, combating depression, eliminating infections and other serious health disorders. 

How beneficial is CBD for cats?

Most people get attracted easily to this furry animal due to its loving nature, strong personality, and friendly attitude. But, like other animals, cats also fall sick with certain health issues or the natural aging process. With the help of CBD products, cats can have a healthy weight, get relief from arthritis and chronic pain, overcome stress, experience mental peace, and reduce the severity of mental breakdown. Before supplementing your cat with CBD oil UK, it’s recommended to consult with a veterinarian to address the actual cause of their discomfort and support their health by determining the need.

6 Ways to dose your cat CBD Oil

If you will give your cat CBD for the first time, make sure to give it in low concentration to help it respond effectively. Here is a list of few recommended ways by which you can treat your cat’s health with CBD oil.

  1. If your cat is a food lover, you can resort to adding a CBD dose to the cat’s meal. Whether the food is dry or wet, your cat won’t hesitate to have the food as usual.
  2. If your cat is calm and peaceful, you can opt for direct feeding. Make your cat sit in a relaxed position and hold a dropper infused with CBD oil to its mouth area. If the cat starts licking the dropper, your work is almost done. 
  3. Or else, you can give your cat store-bought CBD treats that are specially formulated for cats. Don’t go for unhealthy options that are full of artificial colors and preservatives. Ensure using CBD cat treats that have natural ingredients and make the dosing easy. 
  4. Another successful way of having your cat dosage of CBD oil is putting the oil into an empty feeding plate and leave it on the usual place where your cat has its everyday meal. As the cat makes delicious food from that particular dish, it is likely to lick the CBD oil from the dish itself. 
  5. There’s not a single cat that resists the temptation of tuna fish. Just take a handful of tuna fish in a bowl and mix it with CBD oil. Your cat will eagerly wait to have a second bowl of this crazy dish. You are advised not to offer your cat tuna fish regularly as exceeding its consumption can lead to vitamin E deficiency in your cat’s body. 
  6. The last option you can try is to consume your cat the right dosage by putting drops of CBD oil UK on its paws and making it compelling to lick to avoid the unpleasant condition. Cats are perfect for maintaining the utmost cleanliness, so you can rest assured of the success of this method.

Final words

Before buying the cat’s special CBD, find out the supreme quality of the product and choose the best suits your cat’s needs. Most cats’ special CBD, available in the market, is formulated so that your little furry animal won’t feel any discomfort while having it unknowingly with their regular meal. If your cat is undergoing certain medications, make sure to consult with your veterinarian to help your cat get over from serious ailments.

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